Does it make sense to call to make racism a crime in order to report it to the police that we are calling to defund?

Again, the CBC, in its section called “Being black in Canada”, seems to be pushing for a certain political agenda in our country and now province. You can read and hear videos here:

The three folks being interviewed will also be featured in two follow-up articles. They are as follows: Mr. Matthew Martin (President of BLM, Saint John & musician), Mr. Neil Clements (lawyer), and Dr. Timothy Christie, Philosophy, Medical Ethics and Epidemiology.  

The same article calls to defund the police whilst also arguing (as per Dr. Christie’s words, it seems) that “making racism a crime would better protect Black people by allowing them to report racism to the police, who would then be able to investigate, collect evidence, subpoena witnesses and see that charges are laid.”

First, do you see the contradiction like Bambi?

Are these just talking points or do these men realize what they are saying?

Second, are they, perhaps along with the CBC, serious in asking for the criminalization of racism? And what about false accusations of racism? Concretely speaking, this means that Bambi’s censorship saga is not only an attempt to silence her, but eventually, it can also make her go to jail ?. Does Dr. Christie and the CBC reporter realize the pandora’s box of abuses that can happen when anyone in our world can be called racist for having a different opinion… yes, including deer.

If you happen not to see the contradiction and the potential slippery slope of such demand, perhaps like Bambi, you can just find it hard to understand the mission of BLM (in the About section of its Facebook page: It reads as follows:

“The platform upon which black communities across Saint John and New Brunswick can actively dismantle all forms of anti-black racism, liberate blackness, recognize black excellence, support black healing, affirm black existence, to create freedom to love and self- determine and to help offer education to those who seek it”.

Bambi read this mission several times and she struggles to understand it. She even thought at one point of offering editing services. For instance, what does “liberate blackness” mean? What is “blackness”, by the way? And why does it need to be liberated? And how to do we “create freedom to love and self-determine”?

In Bambi’s dictionary of tolerance, we surely do not create freedom by revoking the freedom of, or by contributing to censoring, those who think differently; perhaps even those who may agree with the demand for justice, but not with the means to achieve it…

4 thoughts on “Does it make sense to call to make racism a crime in order to report it to the police that we are calling to defund?”

  1. When you offend the large body of social justice warriors out there you get put on a list… this happened to me originally in New Brunswick by Occupy New Brunswick in Fredericton in 2012 – I call it the blacklist.. they can literally make anything up about you and publish it … but what happened after that was probably not what they intended.. funny how that works huh? Much appreciate your strength of character to speak out on what you see is the problem…. cutting thru the b.s. must be applauded, and I thank you [Bambi]. Remember though that communitarians believe in the supremacy of ‘group rights’ aka the ‘community’ has rights that are paramount.. individuals rights must be balanced with those of the ‘community’… and when they are talking about community we think it means us… it doesn’t… we have to share the collective’s viewpoints/opinions.
    This is a good read:
    I’m Canadian, but I’m also English -born there in 1974 and I do support your efforts in free speech arena.
    There is a plain spokenness that people find offensive about me.. doesn’t matter.. I am what I am.

    1. Dear S.A. (or Sally?) Cunliffe, thank you for your kind words about Bambi! The latter is sorry that you went through tough times (although happy to read that you are fine). By the way, we were born almost at the same time [OK, Bambi is 2 years older. To try to make you smile, there is an old Lebanese saying that goes like this: “One DAY older means one YEAR wiser”… Bambi is joking, even if she likes this saying :)].

  2. I don’t think that people think about what they’re saying.
    Apparently, neither does the CBC think about what they’re reporting on.
    Another possibility is that by making such contradictory statements, they’re effectively saying: “We don’t have to make sense, and you won’t dare point it out.”

    The contradiction between wanting to abolish police and wanting to create new crimes to report to it is so striking that anyone with an ounce of critical (in the real sense of the word) thinking can’t miss it.

    Yet… silence. What a ridiculous society we live in.

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