Is the University of Minnesota serious about its twelve-step recovery program from… whiteness?

Bambi already posted on this topic in the past (see the bottom of this post).

Today, she happily listened to Dr. Gad Saad (from Concordia University in Montreal, Québec) informing us in details about this rather odd program.

If you think Bambi is exaggerating, just listen to Dr. Saad’s thoughtful words and then read about the program in question (link provided below). You may prefer to read about it first and then take the time to listen to Dr. Gad Saad.

After giving this topic some thoughts, do you genuinely think such program will contribute to making our world a fair place?

Will it genuinely bring justice?

Do we repair a former injustice (to any social group) by creating a new one (to another group)?

Will this create more harmony in society?

Will it encourage young adults to become more critical thinkers, compassionate and peaceful citizens?

Perhaps Bambi is missing something here? From her second life in a war-torn country (like Dr. Saad actually…) where she witnessed with he own eyes the tragic ravages of identity-based politics, she can lucidly see (and even smell!) a red flag.

Clearly in her mind, initiatives, like this one, do not just seem silly. They have the potential to perhaps be socially unhealthy (or even psycho-socially harmful?). In the longer term, they may even contribute to creating the opposite of what is being claimed, by bringing more social (i.e., racial) tensions and thus divisions in a society. Is this what this university really wants? Likely not… So, why is it endorsing and promoting such programs?

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to thank Dr. Saad for his video. In her humble opinion, despite any good intentions of behalf of this respectable university and/or the passionate developers of this program, the end result may simply be… a social tragedy waiting to happen.

3 thoughts on “Is the University of Minnesota serious about its twelve-step recovery program from… whiteness?”

  1. The U. Minnesota’s silly program trivializes white supremacy and diminishes the value of introspection, learning, and social progress.

  2. Glad you caught Dr. Saad’s video. I was thinking you should be interviewed on his YouTube channel.

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