Bambi thanks Mr. Richard Martineau & Mr. Jérôme Blanchet Gravel for defending academic freedom in our Canadian universities!

Thank you to Mr. Martineau and Blachet-Gravel for supporting academic freedom in our Canadian universities!

Merci Messieurs Richard Martineau et Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel pour appuyer la liberté d’expression dans les universités du Canada et par extension dans la société en général!

Merci QUB radio:


Bambi is pleased to see a movement to support academic freedom, with the Université Laval (Québec city) taking the lead on this with a statement to protect academic freedom:

Google translate into English:

To conclude this post, and to answer Mr. Fred Klein’s question about French media (in one of the earlier comments), yes they reported the story as per this post. The real issue is the following: Do we still want our universities to remain what they are supposed to be: a place to learn and debate ideas, to learn how to think (not what to think in a dogmatic way), to be critical, tolerant of different ideas, and to accept all points of views, regardless of the idea in question?

Yes or no. If yes, this is a golden opportunity to re-commit to academic freedom/free expression.

3 thoughts on “Bambi thanks Mr. Richard Martineau & Mr. Jérôme Blanchet Gravel for defending academic freedom in our Canadian universities!”

  1. Freedom of expression is crucial to ALL people not just those who are out to persecute others for their pleasure or to make a name for themselves. Universities are not political parties. Academic freedom is CRUCIAL. Universities are for expanding your knowledge and broadening your out-look. It is NOT a place to BULLY others. Bullies always target those gentle souls , particularly women, they believe will not stand their ground. The current people who happily thought they would cause “Bambi” aggravation are BULLIES. They need to be brought to task for being so small minded. They will never be “thinkers” or be able to contribute to the University environment.

  2. Thank you, Bambi. I did ask a question yesterday but not the one you gave me credit for. 🙂
    I asked if the French press would be giving coverage, one day before they did it seems 🙂

    1. True! You asked Bambi this 🙂 and she answered that: “Thanks Fred. There has actually been a radio show by Mr. Richard Martineau from QUB radio and another journalist (Bambi will take the time to post its link so you can hear it– since you are fully bilingual).”. She will now clarify this point further. She appreciates your comment and thanks you for your question again :).

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