A song from Bambi’s childhood to all the children caught in the middle of war

Bambi just took a quick tour of the news of the world. She did not have the time to do so for a week. She learned about the tragic news from the Middle East (in addition to the sad news from India…). When will children stop being caught in the middle of armed conflicts?

All the children of the world deserve to live in peace. For them and their families, she will allow herself to offer them a symbolic song by Rémi Bandali.

Those of you who come from Lebanon and experienced the civil war of 1975-1990, you surely know the unforgettable Rémi Bandali. How can we forget about her?! She was four years old when she sang this famous song. She repeated it over and over, year after year. Not just in Lebanon, but also abroad. It was her way of coping with the absurdity of war by asking the world to give her fellow children the chance to simply be kids (living their childhood instead of seeing it being stolen from them).

The song is in three languages: Arabic, French, and English. Bambi was curious about this young singer from her past. She just googled her. She seems to be living in England now (after Sweden)… and she is still enjoying singing. Below you can see her picture as an adult woman.

To conclude this post with a wish, may music keep on entertaining us and making us dream of brighter days for all!

Ms. Rémi Bandali!

2 thoughts on “A song from Bambi’s childhood to all the children caught in the middle of war”

  1. How can we forget Re-Mi or her songs. We grew up repeating them exactly same words by words for over 45 years. Nothing have changed unfortunately.
    But Re-Mi ( as she likes to write her name) lives now in England. ???

    1. In England now– wow. Cute this “Re-Mi” name (very musical). Bambi thanks you Joëlle (the world is truly small!). As for Lebanon, how sad indeed to see that things have not changed. You take good care, please :).

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