What does Mr. Steven Guilbeault mean by “making online platforms a safer place”?

First, here is a tweet by Mr. Steven Guilbeault, our Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage, on International Women’s Day:

Why does Mr. Guilbeault insist on making online platforms “safer places”?

Is this related to his new definition of hate in the bill he wants to push forward?


Is a “safer place” another buzz word to justify more governmental interference in citizens’ lives (a form of more socially acceptable modern censorship)? And if so, why are we doing so?

Despite the noble intentions, is there a potential slippery slope?

Or is Bambi wrong about her concerns about freedom of expression?

How can we preserve tolerance in our society whilst also protecting citizens from evil?

Who gets to decide what is hateful in life?

Is a different opinion hate?

Is a legitimate opposition related to this or that idea hate?

And what about all the shades of different opinions, including a so-called hate speech?

Of course, Bambi is not talking about threats of violence, written or verbal, or violent acts.

She is rather talking about a legitimate different opinion on this or that matter?

With these questions in mind, today Bambi found herself taking a few moments to watch a news documentary about Beirut. She saw a demonstrator who criticized a heavily armed group, in addition to his country’s widespread political corruption. How ironic that, despite excesses, in this tiny, bankrupt, and highly volatile Middle Eastern state, citizens can still criticize powerful groups or their government. They can be vocal on the streets, in the media, and online. Isn’t it therapeutic to (still) be able to call a spade a spade in tiny, bankrupt, starving, volatile… yet somehow still democratic Lebanon?

To conclude this post by re-focusing on Canada, why does our government seem to want to over-sanitize our internet? Is its underlying motivation to protect us from… ourselves? And how does this make our country a safer place?

2 thoughts on “What does Mr. Steven Guilbeault mean by “making online platforms a safer place”?”

  1. Spineless Tories allowed the left to go off the rails… even people who 10 years ago would have seemed moderate are now as radical as they come. If offending people is dangerous or unsafe, then every word or phrase can be banned.

  2. What is Steven Guilbeault doing in the Liberal Party? He was a major figure in the environmental movement and belongs in the Green Party. Justin’s ability to incite Guilbeault’s defection to the Liberals does not increase his credibility in my view.

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