Beirut, the land of contrast…

Bambi woke up early in the morning to wonderful news from Lebanon. Despite its destroyed capital, power outages, and challenged healthcare system, this country is managing its vaccination campaign from the best of its capacity. Yes, Bambi’s beloved relatives received their vaccine (75+ following healthcare providers). What a relief and what an ironic contrast with us here in Canada where Bambi’s beloved relatives, friends and senior fellow citizens are still waiting… Yes, look at our performance compared to countries like Morocco or even like Serbia or Roumania, and/or others… Yes, the world is truly upside down :(!

Now, the day is about to end in New Brunswick, Canada (in 10 minutes). Well, Bambi just toured the news and read the disappointing news about the “Lebanese judge removed from Beirut blast probe, according to a judicial source” to France 24. Remember this huge explosion of August 4, 2020 that destroyed Beirut, killed over 206 people (including at least two toddlers), injured 6500+, and made over 300/400,000 families homeless? Yes, this one. It was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts of the world (as per L’Orient Today). Well, families of the victims are upset. Many took the streets, despite the coronavirus pandemic:

Bambi will not spend time talking about political interference, mafia-like players/politicians who seem to only care about protecting each other. She does not understand how all this operates. Plus, she did not have faith in this process from day 1. Mind you, she does not even trust international investigations, even if six months ago she joined her voice to all those demanding it.

Did Bambi give up on justice then? No, of course not, despite its imperfections, it remains the wisest, most brilliant, and logical tool human beings have ever created to bring a form of accountability. It is just a shame to see this happening in a capital with a long history of aspirations for justice. For those who do not know it, Beirut hosted the “Law School of Berytus” (= Beirut), teaching Roman law, in the classical antiquity era. When will impunity end in the wounded and traumatized Lebanon? Doesn’t it deserve better than this circus? Don’t Beirut citizens deserve respect by their so-called public servants?

May God give Lebanon’s people patience whilst awaiting to see the light of truth and justice at the end of the tunnel. Even if it seems far away now, one day this light will shine again on you Beirut!

To conclude this post with tenderness, here is a re-posted beautiful artistic gesture, along with Feiruz’s famous “Li Beirut” song. It is a tribute to the surrealistic Beirut port explosion’s victims, those in heaven… and victimized again today.

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