Mr. Biden & China: Is it wise or ethical to use a cultural excuse to justify human rights abuses?

Yesterday, we heard Mr. Trudeau struggling to pronounce the word “genocide” to refer to the Chinese mistreatment of the Uighurs.

Today, we read about Mr. Biden telling us that the Chinese authorities’ behaviour is due to “cultural differences” or “a cultural norm”. Does that make any sense? Perhaps it does when you seem to have sold your soul to the other side and you want to justify their behaviours to your supporters? With all due respect to Mr. Biden, this is reminding Bambi of some of the Lebanese politicians’ apparent loyalty to foreign countries over their own.

Perhaps more specifically related to cultural relativism, this story is reminding Bambi of an awful one that took place in 1994 and shocked Bambi (as well as her sisters) at the time… it involved a Québec judge, called Ms. Raymonde Verreault (a woman on top of that!), who reduced the sentence of a father who raped his 9-year-old step-daughter from the maximum punishment of 10 years to 23 months only (with 1 year probation). Why? Listen well to this… because he sodomized his young victim, thus preserving her virginity, which is very important in his Muslim religion (the man is of Algerian origins)!! Can you imagine? Her argument was the following: This “seems to be a very important value in their respective religion. So, we can say that in a way, the accused spared his victim …

To conclude this post, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trudeau seem to have the same lover (China). Bambi wonders if Mr. Biden will use the same excuse (cultural norm) to justify his relationship with Iran? Sadly, when the latter is justified and empowered, Lebanon pays the direct price (by strengthening the Hezbollah’s hegemony on it).

Google translate of the article above from the Journal de Montréal (2011):

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