Mmm, is there is anything left that is not racist in Canada?

The list presented below could literally go on and on.

Indeed, for fun, just google “systemic racism” (or even just racism) and see the number of hits you will get. For fun, Bambi tried it yesterday eve. Although the number of hits is incredibly high, it remains much lower than the latest obsession (pre-pandemic, at least), which was “climate change“.

Bambi may be wrong but she believes that we will keep hearing about this systemic racism for a long time. However, unlike climate change, wokeism (as a radical ideology or obsession) has the potential to have a more negative impact on societies, especially in the long-term. Indeed, politicians who flirt with wokeism (or other radical ideologies?) are playing a dangerous divisive game. It can backfire on all of us one day, as Bambi had seen in other places in a second life. Trust her, if we are not lucid enough, tensions, and even a strife, can occur one day (no country is immune).

To come back to the racist list below, you will see that it even includes kids who thus need to be raised as “anti-racist” (as per the CBC News video at the end of this post).

The underlying idea of all these media articles is that Canada is deeply racist and we are the most racist citizens on the face of the earth. This is why, as shown below, some entities (i.e., Ville de Montréal) have recently created anti-racism, high-paid, governmental positions to find more (systemic) racism.

Bambi will stop her blahblahblah here to share some examples from her online list (to this, you can of course add all the pamphlets or posters that you see in real life). Before doing so, if she may, she will conclude this post with a question to our federal leaders, especially Mr. Trudeau in the top position. She recalls having already raised the question a while ago on the same blog: “If Canada is that racist, don’t you think that we need to either slow down on immigration processes, which are increasingly too slow, even if ambitious ( OR… at least be honest with future newcomers to spare them a devastating cultural shock related to racial injustice upon their arrival :)?


An extract for the online list in question (not in alphabetical order):




Banks/Banking sector:

Justice system:



School/college/university campus:

Entire provinces (i.e., Québec!):


Even kids…

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