Please Mr. Mark Carney, let us finish the Covid-19 pandemic before you scare us with your climate change blahblahblah

In the BBC, we can read an article entitled: “Mark Carney: Climate crisis deaths ‘will be worse than Covid‘”:

Mmm, are you China’s agent or lawyer now :)? Because this is what you seem to be telling us through the text of journalist Sharanjit Leyl:

Although China continues to build coal-fired power plants, and draws about 70% of its power from fossil fuel, the country is a crucial part of the solution.

“There clearly are issues in terms of coal in China, and the sooner China moves on that, the better for them and for the world.

“But China also produces 60% of the global solar photovoltaic panels. It is also the largest producer of electric vehicles. So China has many sides to this.

The US has the “largest and most sophisticated financial sector” along with the “engineering and technological expertise” to get to net zero emissions, he said.

Part of his role at the UN is to tap into this financial sector.

It is the “power of money” that will ultimately play the biggest role in combating climate change, he said.

“We’re getting the system in a position where, whether it’s a bank, or somebody who’s investing a small amount of savings in the market, or your pension, they can choose [how it is invested].

“They have the information and they can choose to be part of the solution, transitioning to net zero, or be part of the problem.”

So, Bambi will summarize your words with sarcasm: Climate change will kill us more than the coronavirus. Money redistribution is the solution. China is holy. The US will pay for the world’s sins.

Oh, the article did not mention Mr. Trump, perhaps the larger interview mentioned in the article would? Clearly, he was an obstacle to all this climate change saga and its proposed solution (i.e., Paris accord). He has been eliminated now. You have carte blanche to suck money out of the USA (with the agreement of the new US administration). So, why the need to still scare people like that?

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