“Lipanan Im Yergir”: Mr. Elie Berberyan’s moving song for Lebanon in Armenian

Bambi fell in love with Mr. Berberyan’s moving song in which he expresses his love for his motherland, Lebanon. She is sharing it with you in a video where you can see the beauty of his tiny officially bankrupt yet always beautiful Mediterranean country.

Thanks to Mr. Anthony Rahayel for posting Mr. Berberyan’s song. Mind you, the last time Bambi watched Mr. Rahayel’s posts, they were highly disturbing videos streamed live immediately following the Beirut port surrealistic explosions of August 4th, 2020.

Even if the latter tragedy remains unaccountable (imagine!), and despite Lebanon’s other complex challenges, today’s post is about patriotic love, beauty, good memories, peace, and hope for brighter days for Lebanon!

To conclude this post on a lighter note, those who know Bambi closely may think that this man is related to her… Mmm, perhaps he would minus the last two letters of his family name :).

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