You know that Iran is pleased with the USA when Ms. Kamala Harris’ book is published in Tehran in Farsi

Well, Bambi was curious to see what the Iranian media is saying about the US administration, namely Biden/Harris, etc.

Whilst searching the net, she came across an article in the Tehran Times (January 6, 2021) about Ms. Kamala Harris’ book. Yes, it is now available in Farsi. It the “first Persian translation of “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey”.

Well, when her autobiography arrives to Iran in Farsi, you can guess that Iran is pleased with the USA’s foreign policy (!

Now the Iranian people can read in Farsi what Ms. Harris wrote about her journey in Montreal during her teenage years :). Remember, it was rather an insignificant part of her book (a couple of short paragraphs only and she did not like winter, in addition to struggling with the French language).

Note that the official statement of Mr. Justin Trudeau, following their conversation, notes that “she recalled fondly her years spent in Montréal” ( Perhaps she did say so during their phone conversation (verbatim), but does this sound authentic? Perhaps in Farsi it does :).

Note also that Mr. Biden and her both phoned Mr. Trudeau, but neither of them called Mr. Netanyahu, as per both l’Orient Le Jour of Lebanon and the Israeli media (

The Middle East is indeed changing…

Taken from the Tehran Times

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