Conformity: Isn’t it easy to be a rebel/activist when we are on a governmental payroll?

We read the same pieces of so-called journalistic opinions almost recycled, word by word, from one mainstream media to the other.

We see and hear intellectuals and public figures of our country repeating the same mantras of trendy ideas. Some seem convinced. Some sound like machines.

We read and hear university professors, writing in their profiles that they are “white settler scholars” living and working “on the unceded and unconquered land of…” or “…”.

We hear sport associations and scholars in Montréal totally forgetting their own history and repeating clichés or mantras that are not even accurate, but who cares? Science and facts do not matter nowadays. Only ideologies and select lived experiences are important. It does not even matter if the “lived experience” truly took place sometimes. What matters is a whole mob using it to destroy and an artist’s reputation or cancel an author, etc.

And then ironically and hypocritically they tell us that conspiracy ideas are to be banned.

Jesus would have said:“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

In other terms, why the double-standards and why can’t we see our own contradictions? Why do we project on others our own faults or why we only focus on theirs?

Some scholars go out of their way to tell us how bad “whiteness” is. A weird term, isn’t it? We should ban whole fields, such as Classics because of it. Thankfully, there are voices of reason who still dare to question and write before being perhaps cancelled one day ( If Bambi may, she would like to thank her good friend/relative who shared the above. Some people do not see the absurdity. Some people already have a justification handy for each absurdity.

We are sadly becoming a society too dependent on our government. Is this ideal in life for creativity or entrepreneurship? All what we do is conform and repeat. Re-repeat and conform… whilst calling ourselves activists or rebels?

Does anyone still recall the wise words of Mr. John F. Kennedy’s: “Conformity is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth”. What would he have thought about all this had he still been alive, Bambi wonders?

And what about Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Chances are he would be turning in his grave now after seeing what is happening to his dream? Yes, his beautiful dream that his “four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.

Now character and merit are being presented as being the product of privilege (some parents on some American school boards call the standards of merit and excellence racist. Does that make any sense to you, if you happen to be a parent killing yourself to provide an education to your children?).

Sadly, in Mr. King’s country and in Bambi’s, society and political elites want us to only focus on our skin colour/hue and interpret everything through the lens of race, racism, anti-racism, and “racialization”. But isn’t it ironically racist when we are too obsessed with race to begin with? Plus, do you really believe that this will bring more justice to the daily life of ordinary Americans and Canadians?

To conclude this post, with an example that may seem too exaggerated to you. To describe the irony of the conformity of our society’s elite on the government’s payroll and the hypocrisy/uselessness of this phenomenon (despite any individual good intentions), imagine the following: Canada is Lebanon and the governmental elite there is like our activists here: From the morning to the evening and in each meeting, they denounce the state’s corruption and the Hezbollah’s hegemony on the Lebanese institutions.

Had you been a Lebanese citizen not connected to neither the government nor to powerful militias (the majority), do you take them seriously? Perhaps you would do, if you prefer to live in denial (comas may be more reassuring). If you don’t, you may perhaps be living in a parallel world to survive (disconnected from politics and the news). Who knows? If you can afford it, you may be spending your time in the lineups in front of embassies, dreaming of immigrating. If Canada is one of your dream destinations, to make an informed decision, you may wish to educate yourself about what Bambi is describing in this post. It may not match the romanticized idea you may have about our luckily still beautiful yet deteriorating country.

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