Obsession with “systemic racism”: Why can’t Ms. Anamie Paul and the mainstream media leave Québec alone?

When will the rest of Canada leave Québec alone?

All what Mr. Trudeau wants is to “kill” Bill 21. For him, only one way of approaching secularism is valid, and it is his dad’s concept of multiculturalism. He forgets that Québec is a distinct society that has chosen its own approach to secularism, based on its own history, culture, and a 10-year-long public debate.

Ms. Anamie Paul, what is her problem? Is she virtue signalling? Or trying to increase her vote base in la Belle Province? Her Green party of Canada wants to recruit “young “progressives“, based on her own tweets. Mmm, is this is a winning strategy?

She does not know about you, but Bambi is sick and tired of politicians using invisible and visible minorities to advance political agendas. Bambi is not talking about Ms. Anamie Paul in particular. She is talking about anyone across party lines and across borders. For her, this obsession with race, religion, gender, or whatever other part of identity politics is a turn off.

Mr. François Legault may not be perfect (no politician and no human being is). He probably already made or will make political mistakes, but on this one, Bambi will applaud his wisdom and consistency in pushing back against wokeism.



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