LeDrew Three Minute Interview: “Is the mainstream media a branch of the Justin Trudeau Liberal government?”

Bambi just came across this 3-minute video. Mr. Levant is right, the mainstream media is financially (and thus intellectually) too dependent on the government.

This phenomenon happens in some other countries that unfortunately are not the most inspiring models to follow.

Why does it feel that we are becoming more and more like the third world of the developed countries? For instance, think of the delayed vaccines, compared to smaller countries and to the United States; too much ideologies and less efficacy, the overspending and the decision to tap into vaccine fund that is meant for poorer countries, the saga with the Montreal-based pharmaceutical company, the loss of jobs related to the pipelines saga with Mr. Biden, etc.

Of course, it is not easy to govern at any time, especially in pandemic times.

Perhaps one of the lessons of this pandemic is that big and centralized governments, cumbersome, bureaucratic entities (overcentralized federations, the European Union, globalism, etc.) may actually have systemic barriers to vaccination and to common-sense practices related to economic recoveries.

Perhaps the more localized efforts would be the most efficient ones.

Bambi was a child and a teenager growing up in Beirut, but she very well recalls the public debates in the news about the benefits of decentralization (not everything centred in Beirut and more developments in the regions). Despite its wars and numerous challenges, Lebanon delivered on this. It has excellent teaching-hospitals or governmental hospitals as well as universities, not just in the Beirut area.

If the authorities will truly deliver on their vaccination strategy, they seem to have understood that they need to go where the people are (e.g, vaccination sites in 48 hospital-centres across the country, with back-up centres that would be functional if needed. They will also deliver the vaccines into people’s own homes when they cannot go out or are disabled, etc.).

All this to say that Brexit seems to have worked well for England. It is ahead of many European countries, including France. Look also at Israel (that knew how to invest in its medical commercialization for years; a small country ahead of Canada in this regard). Look at Bahrain, another smaller country (the last time Bambi checked, they seemed to be doing well).

To conclude this post, Bambi will stop her blahblahblah here. Here is the video in question. Thank you Mr. Levant for bringing us the other side of the story, to use your own words. It is Bambi’s hope that social media will not cancel your voice.

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