Who has memory issues? In 2009, Mr. Biden urged the Lebanese not to vote in parliamentary elections, in order not to bring the Hezbollah to power. In 2021, he appears to let them down

When he was the US VP in 2009, Mr. Biden visited Beirut more than once. At one point, he warned that the USA’s aid program in Lebanon would depend on the outcome of the parliamentary elections, which could be won by the Hezbollah.

French-Canadian article (Le Devoir):


Google translate (in English):


Today, as the US President, he seems to be in a rush to give Iran carte blanche to achieve its nuclear ambitions and missile arsenal.

So, isn’t he worried about Hezbollah’s and its allies’ role in “hindering peace efforts” anymore (Bambi is using his own words)?

Sorry Mr. Biden, you may be allergic to former US President Trump, but the truth must be told as it is sometimes: The latter was more consistent in his foreign policy in the Middle East, from his promises to his achievements (including its inherent failures, of course! For Bambi, the most disgusting failure of Mr. Trump is what looked to her like a”gift” of the Western Sahara to Morocco in exchange of peace with Israel… unless all parties agreed on the deal, but how is that possible?).

Even if the former US administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy (on Iran) did not last long enough or was not the ideal in life, it seems to have been more promising than your so-called diplomatic approach… at least for now and for Lebanon where increasing assassinations of opposition public figures are taking place (see Bambi’s last post further below).

You may have the best intentions of the world Mr. Biden (thank you for this)! However, sadly, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As a senior politician, you surely know all this very well.

To conclude this post, with all due respect Mr. Biden et al., it is Bambi’s hope that hell will not be in the form of neither a new war in the Middle East… nor in Lebanon on a silver plate to Iran (via the Hezbollah).

Please Mr. Biden, do not let Lebanon down!

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