The Houthis no longer on the US terrorist list: Did Mr. Biden lose his mind?

Bambi would like to thank her friend for sharing this shocking yet not surprising news. Yes, the new US administration revoked the Houthi terrorist designation. What is next Mr. Biden? Hezbollah will follow… ?!

For the record, here is the logo of the sweet Houthi organization:

The Houthi logo

For those who do not read Arabic, the above means: Allah (= God) is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse on the Jews, victory to Islam“!

Is this a joke Mr. Biden?

Or is this a “diplomatic effort”?

Or is your administration up to something we ignore yet?

Bambi had a little more hope in Mr. Blinken, but now she sadly lost it. Perhaps he has his wings clipped or you are all naive and/or corrupt.

For Bambi, all this sounds too stupid to the point of being ridiculous… she is saying this with all due to respect to you and to your position. She also knows that some of her friends will be disappointed by this post. However, they know that she candidly speaks her mind. So, they would likely forgive her honesty. If they can explain this move, she would appreciate a comment on this blog :).

Now she understands even more why most of the Americans of Lebanese ancestry voted for your opponent, despite their Democratic leaning. Their (and Bambi’s) nightmare is becoming a reality…

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