Mr. Trudeau, why are you refusing to carry out a unanimous injunction from Parliament to grant citizenship to Mr. Badawi after having voted for it yourself?

A big thanks to the Bloc Québécois, and especially to Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (for this motion) and all our good Canadian lawmakers, including Mr. Trudeau himself (for his vote).

All the media of the world reported the great news. Here is one example from France 24:

However, for unknown reasons, we are hearing now that our PM is refusing to execute this injunction. This is apparently strange because Mr. Trudeau is a good-hearted man/father who likely enjoys his image of defender of oppressed people and minorities… and here he has a case of true oppression.

As a reminder, Mr. Raif Badawi is a blogger like Bambi. Yes, he is still in jail in Saudi Arabia. Remember that he was sentenced to 1000 lashes, a 10 year sentence, and a fine of 200,000 Saudi Arabian riyals (CAD $69,381). Even if he gets out of jail, he cannot leave his country to join his family in Sherbrooke, PQ, Canada for at least 10 years. His kids are growing up without him nearby. He and his spouse have not seen each other for God knows how long. All this because he was accused of blasphemy. Can you imagine? Bambi had wished Saudi Arabia had Bill 21 like Québec… but this is not how things work in this country in the Middle East unfortunately.

Indeed Saudi Arabia has Islam as the state religion. Not any type of political Islam. Despite its latest many modern reforms (e.g., yes, women can drive now!), Saudi Arabia is associated with Wahhabism (a very hardcore conservative movement within the Sunni branch of Islam). In the past, it has caused problems to Saudi Arabia for reasons we all know too well ( , especially if we did not voluntarily lose our memory (i.e., the 911 tragedy is just one example).

Now let’s come back to Mr. Trudeau. Why is his government doing this? Is it for some political calculations ahead of any elections? Is it to punish Ms. Haidar for supporting the secular Bill 21 in Québec (see earlier post on the topic)? Is it because he is lacking courage ahead of an international meeting? Is it to serve the interests of our neighbour with regard to Saudi Arabia? Or is because of Canada’s interests or issues with Saudi Arabia? Is it because the Prince himself may be under pressure by the sweet Islamists of his country? Oh, by the way, who killed journalist Jammal Kashoogi in the utmost horrible and stupid way (in the embassy of his country in Istanbul, Turkey)?

To conclude this post, if Mr. Trudeau himself, or you as a reader, can guess the answer to the latter question, it means that Mr. Badawi deserves the Canadian citizenship… and NOW please! So, Mr. Justin Trudeau, please read the tweets of your colleague below. Mr. Blanchet posted a straightforward short message in French. Please listen to your colleague. He is speaking on behalf of Ms. Haidar (and indirectly on all of us).

Thank you Mr. Trudeau for your consideration.

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