US love rush with Iran, but cold feet with the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Mr. Biden is in much rush to re-enter a nuclear deal with Iran (with the latter setting the conditions). As a reminder, he even began negotiating with Iran even before Mr. Trump finished his term.

Now, we learn from Naharnet that Mr. Biden is freezing F-35 jets to the UAE and weapons to Saudi Arabia to take the time to think in order to ensure that “U.S. arms sales meet our strategic objectives of building stronger, interoperable and more capable security partners.”

It is hard not to suspect that the two moves are likely related, given that one entity is the enemy of the two others. One must add that one entity (Iran) is military expanding in the Middle East to the point of pushing some countries into the arms of Israel (their historic enemy) through the Abraham Accords. Plus, look at Lebanon. In reality, it is like an Iranian colony now (without the official title, of course).

Add to all this the American so-called “existential” climate and environment executive orders. Taken together, we can guess where the US new administration is heading. Indeed, from far, and in the short-term at least, it seems to be in a position of weakness. Bizarre as when we are in a negotiation process, we usually have our maximum potential of power. If the US appears weak now, imagine how it will be in the end down the road: Not very promising for the safety of the Middle East, and thus the world. Not very promising for the clean air and water (from missile testing or possible conflicts). Plus, the US will eventually become increasingly dependent on foreign oil (like Germany or France with Russia)… but at least, it will have a good conscience with the climate whilst pleasing those stakeholders who often earn a good living to generate theories that can ultimately weaken economies, even if it is in the name of “climate justice” or to protect “Mother earth”, etc.

Of course, all the above is ultimately the US choice, as a country. Bambi is posting on this only because it is directly affecting our Canadian oil and gas sector, in pandemic times on top of that.    

You may be in total disagreement with Bambi. Some have been busy lately calling pipelines odd names like “racist” or even “white supremacist” ?. Who knows? You may not have an opinion on this or do not care. You may also feel for all those workers losing their jobs yet be ecological and happy now, like Mr. Blanchet (as per his tweets).

To conclude this post with her own opinion, Bambi will say the following: She may be wrong, but she believes that, despite its (or Trudeau’s?) globalist ambitions, Canada is/remains a smaller player in both the world’s economy and global pollution. So why have we increased the carbon tax? And why are we so radical in our positions on pipelines forgetting the risk of train tragedies like the horrible Lac Mégantic disaster? What will we do, if God forbid, another similar tragedy takes place in another part of the country? Finally, as far as the Middle East is concerned, Bambi is sad to see Iran’s increasing hegemony on her birth country :(. When will Lebanon be finally truly sovereign and not dependent on all the powerful countries of the world, including its neighbours or… Bambi’s neighbour?

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