BBC NEWS: Lebanon ambulance driver: ‘Hospitals can’t take our Covid patients’

Bambi shares your loss, Dearest Maya, Carla, Nayla et al. in Lebanon, Canada, the Netherlands, and France. May your uncle rest in peace and may his smaller family in Beirut find inner peace. May the Head Nurse, cousin of your mom Carla/Nayla, also read in peace. Thanks to her for her long service.

Thanks to journalist, Ms. Roula Douglas (who recently lost five people in a single day, including two students), for sharing this BBC NEWS short documentary on Lebanon’s struggle with the management of the coronavirus pandemic on top of multiple crises (financial crash and the resulting revolution of October 17, 2019, capital control, poverty/famine, no new Government since the explosion of August 4, 2020, and the regional increasing threats and hegemony of one powerful heavily armed group, etc.). This video shows us that some patients are being refused in more than three, four or even up to seven hospitals because of lack of beds. Thanks to the Lebanese Red Cross for its incredible volunteering work and to all the hospital healthcare providers who are beyond tired!

Lebanon is getting ready to receive its first batch of vaccines in February. If all goes as planned without much further delays, this country seems to have a relative good vaccine strategy. The country is targeting an 80% vaccination rate. The access to the vaccine will be free of charge and not mandatory. It will be accessible to everyone, even to those who cannot leave their homes (disability, illnesses, other, etc.). The latter will receive the vaccine in their own homes. If Bambi understood well, there are two official public health committees responsible for overseeing the vaccination of refugees (Syrian and Palestinian citizens). At least on papers and, of note, in an electronic platform of registration (in its 2nd or third day of operation), all seems to be put in place well in order to be effective in the implementation phases.

Bambi hopes that the Lebanese historic efficacy in times of crises will prevail over other undesirable factors like any disorganization, temptation of identity politics or power-related temptation, cheating, delays beyond the usual, or misinformation.

Good luck to tiny, bankrupt, and exhausted… yet always eternal Lebanon! Hang on!

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