Does our collective self-destruction, as a civilization also make you sad?

Bambi has always been an optimistic deer since her early years of life and throughout a very long civil war in her birth country. She remained like this in her late teenage years in our beautiful yet changing country (sadly for the worse).

She is still positive when it comes to the pandemic. Eventually, like any other crises in life, it will come to an end in one way or another.

This being said, she would not lie to you. She is worried about our long-term future post-pandemic, and she is not talking about the economic disaster awaiting us.

She is talking about our collective silly times filled with toxic ideologies (i.e., wokeism) and identity politics. You are only holy if you are of this or that colour, of this or that gender, of this or that religion, etc. Accept this and shut up. Otherwise, you risk being called racist… or cancelled.

Bambi has always told herself that this (ideologically toxic) pendulum will eventually shift. People will come to their senses. They will dare to question the new, absurd societal orthodoxies of the so-called wokeism (or postmodernism? Or whatever it is called).

That was what she told herself at first, but sadly not anymore.

What we are observing is an ideological bulldozer in action, not a pendulum.

If the bulldozer does not use its brake, it will crush us all.

If you do not believe Bambi, just think what schools are teaching our kids or de-teaching them… and us. In some places, they keep repeating mantras over and over. In other historic community organizations, they don’t want to sing our national anthem anymore (Yak… how racist, they may think), and across Western countries, we see mobs destroying historic figures, with the tacit endorsement of those in power. Can you imagine a lower level of self-respect than that?

Indeed, when a society stops acknowledging its past (with its faults), celebrating its milestones, and believing in itself and its civilizational or cultural future, it is hard to remain optimistic… unless our youth will surprise us by waking up, and saying no to the radicalism of all this.

Bambi will try to explain herself. If wokeism is like a secular religion, it will take people from within organizations (governments, universities, other places) to wake up and say it is too much. Enough is enough. It would be like Muslims saying no to Islamism (political Islam), for instance.

Why are we allowing mysterious yet destructive forces to divide us, one against the other. We are no longer Canadian citizens or human beings. We must only see each through the lens of identity politics (or racial socialism) and only focus on one reduced aspect (i.e., blacks versus whites, settlers versus indigenous, illuminated versus retrograde, righteous “racialized” versus the racists, disgusting men (not any males, usually, white males, one must say… because it would be racist otherwise) versus women, trans versus God knows what (it is hard to keep track of all the new genders), people who sign emails or names on TV screens with pronouns and all those who do not care as long as they are called and being respected.

No, we cannot be all the above at once… or not care about any whilst at the same time respecting everyone. As they say, we can only be anti-racist (when we are white) otherwise we would be racist… and racism can only go in one direction only. Otherwise it would be racist.

Do you also see the stupidity of all this? Or are you afraid to agree because you would be a horrible citizen deserving self-flagellation for repentance of original sin?

If you think Bambi is exaggerating, please read the following. Sadly, the author is a journalist who graduated from one of our Canadian schools. As for the professor reported in one of the articles, this individual is holy. How could he/she be otherwise when a BIPOC [yes again that stupid acronym that Bambi is supposed to fit in 🙂 or 🙁 ]?

If this is not ideological brainwashing, what is it then? Can someone tell Bambi please?

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