Can Mr. Trudeau clarify if “he helped China to cover-up origin of Coronavirus at inception of the outbreak”, as reported by an Indian media, citing “a Canadian portal quoting military document”?

Mmm, Mr. Trudeau, how can you explain this article/video to us… ideally without accusing this journalist or the Canadian military leaking the information to him of using a “coded language“, as you did with Mr. Blanchet (when he raised questions about one of your new Ministers)?

Why did the army cut the quarantine time of our soldiers upon their arrival home sick (from Wuhan), even sending them to their homes across the country?

And why didn’t we test them for the coronavirus, as they requested?

Why didn’t you tell us about all this then?

Why isn’t the CBC telling us about this? Or the other mainstream media? Why should we read the news about Canada from a foreign country (India)?

Is this normal? Or did our media become too dependent on the Government (to the point of becoming its voice)?

Mr. Trudeau, are we in Canada or in Qatar where the media (e.g., Al Jazeera, etc.) are allowed to criticize the whole world… but not their authorities?

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