Is Mr. Trudeau telling us that we cannot call Islamism Islamism anymore?

Should we laugh or cry at Mr. Trudeau’s childish yet dangerous attempt at demagogy?

Mr. Trudeau is now telling us that Mr. Yves-François Blanchet is using a “coded language” about his Minister of Transportation, Mr. Alghabra ? (for the record, please read Bambi’s latest post about the topic).

He is now pretending that Mr. Blanchet incited hate by just raising questions about the past political positions or sympathies of Mr. Alghabra?

Is Twitter going to remove Mr. Blanchet from its platform now?

Please give us a break, Mr. Trudeau and stop using what happened in the United States to censor your clever opposition further and further.

Why do you seem to be modelling their (totalitarian) methods?

Don’t you trust yourself/governance enough to think that you can/deserve to win the next elections without resorting to dirty political games?  

Oups, soon with the new regulations, our elected members of Parliament or citizens, like Bambi cannot criticize our government anymore because this could be called “online hate speech” ?/☹:

By the way, who gets to decide what is hateful in your new policy?

And didn’t we already have laws to protect citizens from hate speech (the real one, Bambi means)? So, why all this now?

How ironic it would be when Bambi can continue to criticize the government of her birth country or Islamism there, but… not her Canadian government or Islamism here.

Isn’t our world becoming increasingly upside down?


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