Montreal is a francophone city. Yet a 2021 promotional video of the “Club de Foot de Montréal” [Montreal soccer club] is presented in the following order of languages: Mohawk, English… and LAST in French. If such “wokeness” is not collective insanity, what is it?

The first article of the charter of the Ville de Montréal states the following (

“1. Est constituée la Ville de Montréal. Montréal est une ville de langue française.Montréal est la métropole du Québec et un de ses principaux acteurs en matière de développement économique”.

This means: “A city is hereby constituted under the name “Ville de Montréal” . Montréal is a French-speaking city.Montréal is the metropolis of Québec and one of its key actors as regards economic development”.

What is the purpose of all these initiatives, like this one, and who is funding them?

Is the ultimate point of such initiatives to diminish the French language in Québec?

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