Beirut port explosion: Criminals enjoy freedom whilst innocent scapegoats suffer in jail

Beirut, Lebanon

Her name is Ms. Nayla El Hajje. Bambi does not know her.

She is a civil engineer who happened to be working in the company that performed maintenance work in the Beirut hangar 12 that has exploded on August 4, 2020.

She has dual French and Lebanese citizenship. Sadly, France is not doing anything to help her whilst Lebanon is doing everything to scapegoat her… or at least, these are the appearances.

Ms. El Hajje grew up in France where she graduated from the Special School of Public Works in Paris.

Bambi read her name in the media at one point and noticed that she was the only woman arrested in the so-called Lebanese investigation of the surrealistic Beirut port blast.

Well, today, Bambi learned that this civil engineer is still in jail since August and… “neither her own mom nor herself know why“, according to an interview with her mother published in the l’Orient Le Jour, thanks to Ms. Marie-Jo Sader.

Ms. El-Hajje has lived most her life in France, it seems. She only moved to Lebanon in 2015.

As a reminder, the ammonium nitrate seems to have been shipped to Beirut (in 2013) before she landed in this capital herself (2015):

A quick Google Translation here:

Can someone tell Ms. Nayla El-Hajje’s mom why her daughter is in jail whilst all those high-ranked politicians who knew about the ammonium nitrate are not taking any responsibility? And what about those who may have perhaps benefited from this dangerous material?


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