Isn’t it sad when a reasonable political veteran justifies censorship?

She does not know about you, but Bambi is sad to read the tweet below from Mr. Bernie Sanders.

She would have expected him NOT to justify censorship of his current President (regardless of the name or political affiliation of the latter).

Mr. Sanders is also pushing further and further in isolating his President, just like Ms. Nancy Pelosi. Bambi still wonders why all this show of political muscles, if Mr Trump’s term is about to end anyways. Isn’t this exaggerated?

Bambi is FAR from being fond of Mr. Trump, but Bambi cannot accept censorship in a democratic society without denouncing it (even when its victim is called Trump).

Indeed, Bambi would have never ever considered voting for Mr. Trump the first time, had she been an American citizen. However, the second time would have been a different story maybe, who knows? All this is not relevant, as she is not American and it is too late now. This is just to remind us that MANY ordinary citizens voted for this President. As a reminder, they were from all sort of ethnolinguistic backgrounds. Bambi could have been one of them, had she been American. Why not?

In all the honesty she has, she has been listening to Mr. Trump speeches since maybe the American Thanksgiving (she even made fun of his Christmas message on this blog :)). Seriously, she listened to his last speech and to his daughter’s too who introduced her dad at the rally in Washington. Not once, she heard him call for violence. On the contrary, his two last tweets were the following:

All the shenanigans of the American politicians is now making Bambi wonder today: Who is nastier in politics, serving their own interests or the interests of their friends whilst forgetting about their (whole) population, the Lebanese or the American politicians?

And what should we say about our own Mr. Trudeau. He was too excited to see his friends winning (friends who seem to be MUCH nastier than his own party, thank Goodness for us in Canada!). Mr. Trudeau was not smart enough to think in the long-term when he quickly accused Mr. Trump of inciting violence, taking sides in foreign affairs.

Sadly, he did not have the courage to defend freedom of expression, like Ms. Angela Merkel who denounced the ban of Big techs of Mr. Trump. Thankfully, Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (BQ) who usually dislikes Mr. Trump, and who is to the left side of the political spectrum, tweeted to ask smart questions about big techs.

What will Mr. Trudeau do, if four years down the road, we are still stuck with him in power… and surprise, surprise, Mr. Trump becomes the President of the USA again?

Why didn’t he have the wisdom of remaining silent in those critical times for our neighbours? Why does he always feel the need to please like that?

They are in a state of civil or cultural war. It seems to be nasty and self-destructive. Why is he once again endorsing their own conflicts?

First, he took the knee at a BLM demonstration in Ottawa (whilst being protected by RCMP officers ?).

Second, like his American friends, he did not denounce the violence of those protests (BLM, Antifa, etc.). On the contrary, his image spoke volumes: At least during the moment of a picture or a video, he seemed to sympathize with this movement.

We all know that those demonstrations turned extremely violent in the USA over the last summer: businesses of innocent people were destroyed by fire, etc.

How could any politician with a minimum of wisdom justify/politically use one violence and condemn/use another violence? In Bambi’s mind, this is hypocrisy in its pure form. Indeed, violence is bad at all times, regardless of the perpetrators (even if there are differences in the magnitude or recurrence of the violence).

The tragic circus of the Capitol (death and even “suicides”) is SAD beyond words. Everyone condemned it, including Mr. Trump as well as Ms. Melania Trump (spouse), as well as Ms. Ivanka Trump (daughter).

So, to tell us that Mr. Trump needs to be removed from power (he only has a few days left) because of that seems fishy. Do they have another hidden agenda or are they just thirsty of power?

Bambi may be wrong for sure about all this, but she cannot help not to wonder: If they are abusing of their power like this now (whilst Mr. Trump is still the President of their country), what will they do later on?

Best wishes to the USA!

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