Who needs big techs’ censorship in Sackville when someone is asking a journalist to cancel another citizen?

Since Bambi has experienced the kind treatment of a certain mysterious yet impolite citizen called “Wrayton” (the reason behind this blog actually) on the platform of the New Wark Times, she will allow herself to comment about the comments of the readers of this awesome news blog in our town. Thanks for existing, Mr. Wark.

As Mr. Wark and everyone knows, Bambi thinks highly of him and of his EXCELLENT journalism and professionalism. She even wrote one final comment last year or was it two years ago? She wished him a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and expressed her high opinion in what was her final comment on his blog.

Since then, she created her own blog where she indulges in posting any opinion she wishes. She also happily post all comments of her readers (whether she agrees with them or not). NO place for censorship on her blog. NEVER. It is a privately hosted platform (so no place for the fascism of big techs to silence her voice :)).

Without wanting to go back to the past, Bambi will just say that she would have wished if Mr. Wark had allowed her to reply to this mysterious Wrayton who accused her of racism (because she expressed her love of Canada :)).

Indeed, racism is a heavily-charged term in our collective stupid times. It can be used against you, just like being an Israeli collaborator can be used in her birth country. Luckily, no jails here… Just social exclusion or professional cancellation.

Anyhow, Mr. Wark kept the last (posted) word for this Wrayton instead of also allowing her to reply to defend herself. That was his choice then and that is of course history now, in Bambi’s mind at least. If Bambi is bringing this up now, it is to defend both Mr. Wark (who has always, or almost always, defended free speech, thank you!) AND to also defend one of his reader, Ms. Sally. The latter posted a harsh or maybe even apparently impolite comment today.

In other terms, the so-called “racist” Bambi feels the need to open her big mouth now to say the following about the New Wark Times‘ comments of readers on the article cited further below.

  1. Bambi will not comment the article, as this is not the topic of this post. Bambi has the utmost respect of former Mayor Pat Estabrooks. The latter probably knows that and this is not related to politics. It is rather related to patient care services at our hospital to which Ms. Estabrooks is devoted. Bravo!
  2. Bambi does not have a clear-cut opinion on the abattoir approval or not. She has a certain opinion on other abattoirs in other places for perhaps the same concerns raised in this article. However, she loves meat (yes, she is a meat lovers, even if she is a deer!). Our town, like other municipalities, has to take tough decisions at times. She hopes that they will take an informed one and all will go well, whether we proceed with the abattoir near her place or not. Good luck to the entrepreneurs too, whether they will establish their business in town finally or not. For the sake of this post, all what she needs to know is that Former Mayor Estabrooks has the best interests of her town at heart.
  3. Bambi does not know Ms. Sally in person. If she sees her on the street, she would be unable to recognize her, unless she has seen her without knowing it. Bambi’s spouse shared that he chatted with Ms. Sally on the street a couple of times. She knows from him that she is open to debate, even on topics they disagree on (which is rare these days).
  4. Bambi has defended Ms. Sally on her blog once (see below). She was happy to post her comment once too, even without agreeing or fully agreeing with her.
  5. Now, Ms. Sally posted a harsh comment about Ms. Estabrooks. Bambi does not agree with Ms. Sally at all. She agrees with the replies of readers, Ms. Kate and Mr. Les Higgs rather. Bambi was even surprised and sad to see her words that seemed unfair and almost disrespectful toward Ms. Pat Estabrooks. However, the latter is an experienced politician. She must have a thick skin by now (after all those years in public service). She will get over it and does not need the intervention of the Mysterious yet impolite Wrayton.
  6. Bambi was also sad to read a comment, by Ms. Sally, that seemed to be meant for Mr Wark… but maybe it was not targeted at him. Anyhow, Bambi appreciated his professional reply. Good to know that there are other journalists in town, thanks Mr. Wark. Bravo for promoting their platforms and work. Once again, this speaks about your professionalism, work ethics, and care about building capacity in your field of journalism.
  7. DESPITE all this, Bambi STRONGLY disagrees with Wrayton. Once again, she finds his/her comment about Ms. Sally unacceptable: He/she is calling to cancel her. Isn’t it this fascist like those American big techs, but on a much smaller scale? Perhaps Wrayton only meant to be funny. However, his/her demand sounds serious. And yes, Wrayton, this comes out of the mouth of the “racist Bambi” :). More seriously now, here is what Wrayton wrote: “If Twitter and FaceBook can block Trump and his adherents from promoting conspiracy theories like Q-anon, Agenda 2030, etc.. One supposes the Wark Times could do so as well“. Without knowing Wrayton, Bambi denounces this public call to cancel the voice of Ms. Sally. Bambi is saying so, even if she used words that seemed insulting to our Dear former Mayor, Ms. Estabrooks or Dear Mr. Wark OR even if she defended the abattoir project. Bambi is even saying so, despite her own post about Ms. Sally related to the Beirut explosion. In Bambi’s mind, Ms. Sally is part of our “Sweet Little Sackville” community, like anyone else. She is free to think differently, if she wishes. She is free to write any comment she wishes and it is up to Mr. Wark to decide to post or not (as he did with Bambi versus Wrayton). Who are you Wrayton to call for silencing another citizen? Who are you to call your fellow citizens “racist” when you do not agree with their opinion? Finally, what is worrisome here is that you seem to be taking censorship too lightly. One day, it will be your turn to be silenced by those more powerful than you. Who knows? Well, if this happens, without knowing you and without being fond of some of your comments/mindset, Bambi will also defend your right of expression with the same conviction, just like she is defending Sally now and directly or indirectly Mr. Trump too, in earlier posts, even without being a supporter/fan (please do not faint if you are reading this, Wrayton :)).
  8. Last but not least, Bambi’s position here is not about any specific citizen or opinion.Today, this story is about Ms. Sally. Tomorrow about someone else. This is about freedom of expression, period. It is also about tolerance in our world. In the end, diversity of opinions (i.e., our tolerance of this diversity) is what will make us richer, as human beings and as a society. This is the foundation of democracy.

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