A break from tech fascism: Free thinkers on a free platform

Social Media Purge, Big Tech & Special Announcement | Tulsi Gabbard | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

When Bambi sees the craziness of those giant techs in the United States, she feels happy for not being on social media.

However, she remains speechless by what those big techs did to the President of their (own) country.

Regardless of his name or the political affiliation of the President, in and by itself, this is shocking for freedom of thought and speech.

Today, it is this politician. Tomorrow, it may be someone else (it could be someone who thinks he/she is on the “winning” side now). Who knows?

This censorship is bad now. This censorship will be bad later too.

Today, Ms. Angela Merkel denounced it from as far as Germany… Not too many intellectuals are doing so in North America. Whether we like or dislike Mr. Trump, as Bambi wrote earlier, this is worrisome. It is freedom that we are attacking here. Not just a President.

All this being said, look below. First, a refreshing interview. Second, a fun alternative to Twitter. Cool. Many thanks Ms. Tulsi Gabbard (a former politician) and Mr. Dave Rubin (whom Bambi likes too) for the alternative (a good idea, Mr. Rubin).

Bambi is saying so, even if she has never been on social media. The latter was a conscious decision for having envisioned scenarios like what is happened in the USA (not just because she is a dinosaur of a deer, as she jokes sometimes :)). Mind you, when you grew up in a civil war, it is not hard to imagine fascism.


“Join Tulsi Gabbard at http://tulsi.locals.com/ to fight big tech by supporting independent creators at Locals.

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2 thoughts on “A break from tech fascism: Free thinkers on a free platform”

    1. “Yes, Alexey Navalny, the Russian dissident, is criticizing Twitter for being censorious.”
      Should be a warning to all of us and it is getting worse as we speak e.g. Parler.

      Amazon Web Services, Part of The World Dictators Club e.g. Chinese Communist Party(CCP) or as I just Like to Call it, Authoritarian Capitalism!

      “Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. These cloud computing web services provide a variety of basic abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and tools.”Wikipedia

      Amazon Web Services among others just shunt down
      “Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Free expression without violence and no censorship”

      On Parler you are free to say what you want but one has to be transparent. So they do ask for X amount of personal info. Meaning if you actually scream fire or torch down low-income neighborhoods of people of color/colour (POC) e.g. ANTIFA the FBI can track you down. Unlike Twitter that actively allows and supports trolls of violence and has no problem letting dictatorships spewing hate e.g. Iran calling for the physical annihilation of the state of Isreal and people that live there or the need for concentration camps of the Ulgher in China.

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