Isn’t it sad to see the USA reaching this level of divisive stupidity?

Now, he have Mr. Biden, President of the USA tweeting the following political correctness silliness:

Please read the tweet above. It is an example of why Bambi wrote a few weeks ago about how sad it is to see the awful choices that the American voters had in their Presidential elections, between Mr. Trump… and between this mentality expressed through the mouth of Mr. Biden. Not the most amazing choices indeed.

Think of it. He seems to be telling his population that only businesses led by women matter and that only businesses led by the groups he mentions matter in the eyes of their federal government. What about all the others? What about family-owned businesses, etc.? Why not say small businesses in general, Mr. Biden? Sadly, your words seem to also say that women and Americans from the groups you mentioned are victims, instead of being regular citizens like everyone else, capable of succeeding in life. No, they are victimized and he will be their savour (God knows from what…).

This tweet tells us something about the level of mediocrity in our world and the dishonesty of our world’s leaders.

Perhaps it also tells us why a phenomenon like Mr. Trump was elected four years ago. He is the symptom of this collective insanity in our Western world, not the problem. We may even regret him down the road (you are probably laughing now :), although Bambi is serious).

Last but not least, it is such a mentality of divisiveness among citizens that has destroyed Bambi’s birth country and led or fuelled fifteen years of civil war.

As Bambi loves our neighbours, she does not wish to see their country become like Lebanon one of these days. For that, a wise leader must start stopping this toxic and silly divisiveness immediately. It is self-destructive and it only serves the selfish interests of artificial tribes/interest groups… and, of course, this beautiful country’s enemies in the world.

Please Mr. Biden, be that leader. Can you?

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