Whom will know the truth first, Lebanese people about their Beirut explosion or the American people about their elections?

The American people, and the whole world, know that on January 20, 2021 Harris-Biden et al. will be the President’s new administration.

The American people, and all of us, know that violence is SAD and BAD and we all deplore the loss of lives.

However, she does not know about you personally, without being a Trump supporter herself, Bambi remains curious: Even if the evidence was dismissed and Mr. Biden won (congrats again): Did any systemic electoral irregularities or rule changing happened without legislative authority? Yes or no? That is the question here.

It is not normal to have all the large media of a country (and its neighbouring one, including CBC kids) all going in one single direction and focusing on the cancelling and impeachment of Mr. Trump.

Yes, it is horrible to criminally enter into the Capitol. Yes, it is horrible to carry the flag that one guy was carrying.

However, this one single guy does not represent the millions of people who have voted for Mr. Trump. Some of them may be supporters in a sectarian sense, so to speak. Some may have strategically voted for him or could see themselves doing so.

For all these people, the least would be to know the truth, to understand what happened, to have faith in their institutions again, and future elections.

Bambi is not American. Bambi is not a Trump supporter. However, Bambi is not a sheep that blindly reads the media without questioning matters and without having an opinion for herself. She is not even blinded by a visceral hate of Mr. Trump, even if she sees his character very clearly and even if she has disagreed with some of his international policies or actions.

She may be wrong about this post or new updates will make her change her mind tomorrow. However, today as things are, she still has her doubts about the integrity of the American elections.

Bambi was happy to hear this French editorialist, Mr. Éric Zemmour He seems to think like Bambi and he has not been cancelled yet (what an achievement in our fascist times ?):

And here are some articles that made Bambi keep questioning. Thanks to her spouse for sharing:





Finally, there were at least two hearings that Bambi listened to on Mr. Trump’s Twitter account before he was cancelled on this platform. They were interesting, too. They could be perhaps found elsewhere on the internet maybe.

Are all these people lying with Mr. Trump? Could it be?

Mr. Trump may be a narcissist. Those entering the capitol may be criminals…. But how do we call those who may have perhaps cheated in the elections?!

If there was cheating, the latter would be much more serious than the above. Plus, this can explain the anger and despair of those Trump supporters who entered the capitol without an efficient police resistance (one of them, with the odd outfit, is an actor, it seems). What a circus, sadly with a tragic outcome!

4 thoughts on “Whom will know the truth first, Lebanese people about their Beirut explosion or the American people about their elections?”

  1. The American electoral system is clearly not the best model of a democratic vote but it’s the one that got Trump his victory 4 years ago. A victory saluted by his opponent who had won the majority of voices . It’s not because Trump is a brilliant bad loser that he’s the one entitled to denounce the system, which he is part of.
    And Eric Zemmour, everyone loves to hate him in France ! He brilliantly talks about history but doesn’t always get away with his hatred of muslims and his profound belief in white supremacy
    He’s been condemned many times by the French authorities for hate speech

    1. Thanks Nina for your informative comment!Bambi is curious to go read about this French journalist. She is not familiar with him at all.

    1. The sad same phenomenon used to happen in Lebanon during civil war and even after, under occupation, etc. People do forget indeed. Worse, people condemn one violence, but not the other. They consider some victims to be “martyrs” (Bambi hates this term), but not the others. They justify violence even.

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