Mr. Marc-André Fortin: “Cross the border and claim $1,000” [Passez les frontières et réclamez $1000]

OK, we have already established a while ago that for Mr. Trudeau, money grows on trees. Now, we learned that for our federal government, and to cite Mr. Mathieu Bock-Côté, money grows efficiently on palm trees ?!

Yes, you will likely be able to cross the border into Canada (e.g., after a Holiday vacation abroad, despite the advice of Mr. Trudeau himself not to travel) and receive a generous cheque from him upon your return, worth $1000!! Not $100, Not $500…. Yes, $1000. The idea is to compensate you for your quarantine upon your return from your travels (which was not recommended to begin with).  

Please see below, if you do not believe Bambi!

As a reminder, it is this same Mr. Trudeau who was TOO slow to close our borders at the beginning of the pandemic, which likely increased the Covid-19 cases and made the management of the health crisis by the provinces/territories more complicated. Some provincial officials in Québec (i.e., Montreal) and Nova Scotia (i.e., Halifax) went to the airport in person to put some order into the chaos. We are talking about the Mayor of Montreal (sharing the globalist and perhaps even postmodernist vision of Canada of Mr. Trudeau). She worked hand in hand with her provincial government officials at that time. Of note, we are talking about a Liberal government in Nova Scotia and they had to do what they did.   

As a reminder, there was also CERB (or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit program) that was of course much needed. It helped many Canadian families. For that, thanks to our government!

However, in as much needed, CERB was a joke too. Many citizens took advantage of it. It was generous and badly managed, to the point of having people preferring to lie down on their couch and get CERB than going to work, earning less money and perhaps risking getting the virus (can you blame them? Of course not, Bambi would have also chosen the highest income possible). Anyhow, Bambi laughed a lot to the “Bye-Bye 2020” TV show on New Year eve (see the song in French below, and thanks Fadia for sharing it). It is about citizens thanking the government and Trudeau for all what they were able to get with CERB, from summer vacation items to a dog, etc. ?).

Plus, as a reminder, over the summer, students were paid by our government… to simply stay at home. Yes, employers had trouble recruiting youth for either jobs or volunteering work. If anyone still recalls, the Québec government wanted to encourage youth to volunteer and compensate them with a normal amount of money, but Mr. Trudeau was faster and of course… more generous with our own tax money. Funds that our own children (OK not Bambi’s ?!) will be paying for in the next years/decades.

Anyhow, Bambi will stop her blahblahblah (she will spare you a reminder about the WE Charity, even if you have likely forgotten about it). Here is Mr. Fortin’s article in French (Journal de Montréal):

Here is a quick translation by Bambi for you!

“The majority of Québeckers [and likely all Canadians, Bambi adds] spent their holiday season playing board games like the famous Monopoly with the members of their bubble.

In this game, when you pass the “GO” box, you get $ 200. Yesterday, we found out it was $1,000 when you come back home.

Yes, yes, you read that right. The federal government is going to give a nice $1000 to Canadians who must do their quarantine after having made a trip despite all the many requests made by governments not to travel at this time.

Too generous

Another creation of Justin Trudeau and his team is the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) program.

This benefit is normally “financial assistance to employees and self-employed workers who are unable to work because they are ill, have to self-isolate due to COVID-19 or have a health problem under which puts them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19”.

We can see that it is absurd that those returning from a trip should have access to this program.

Quick, some consistency please!

On December 23, outside his residence at Rideau Hall, Justin Trudeau mentioned that “now is not the right time for a vacation abroad.”

Seconds later, he added: “We already have extremely strong measures in place with the quarantine measures. This is a much stronger measure than most of our allies. “

Without wanting to, without a doubt, Mr. Trudeau told Canadians that if you go down south and do quarantine, when you come back, everything is fine.

This message is even stronger now that we know that a traveler is paid on their return, for two weeks, to do their quarantine.

If we want to get through this crisis together, it will take more consistency from our governments in 2021. Otherwise, the winter will be very, very long.”

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