Bambi’s reply to Mr. Nasrallah’s speech of January 3, 2021 on Iran

Yes, today is Bambi’s little treat in life. She will have the opportunity to reply to Mr. Nasrallah ?. For those who do not know him, he is the Chief/Leader (or Secretary General) of the Hezbollah in Lebanon (

Further below, you will see a screenshot of the speech text, published in the Naharnet.

Bambi’s comments are in bold.

Oh before she starts, here is the article as published in Naharnet (


Nasrallah: I will deliver another speech within days to talk about the domestic Lebanese affairs, the governmental situation, the port’s investigation and other issues.

Bambi is eager to comment to your speech (and lies) then. Thanks for the heads up.

Nasrallah: Some suppose that Iran will rely on its proxies and friends in retaliating to Soleimani’s assassination but this is not true… Iran is not weak, Iran is strong and it can retaliate at the appropriate time.

Thank you for reassuring Bambi on Iran’s strength. She can sleep better tonight!

Nasrallah: The commander of the Aerospace Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran did not say that the resistance is the frontline for defending Tehran.

We do not care what he said. ENOUGH, Mr. Nasrallah. For God’s sake.

Nasrallah: If there is a chance to benefit from the oil and gas, this will only happen through the blessings and missiles of the resistance.

“blessing and missiles of the resistance”, everything is said in this sentence. No further comment is needed.

Nasrallah: We are among the must independent resistance movements in history.

“Independent”: If you say so ?, but Mr. Nasrallah, on which planet do you live? Planet Hezbolistan maybe? Who died and made you a Farsi King?

Nasrallah: Iran’s support for the resistance in Lebanon is not conditional and it is aimed at defending Lebanon’s land and sovereignty.

WOW. How noble of them! Amazing their holiness and kindness toward Lebanon.

Nasrallah: It is true that we are a frontline and that Gaza is a frontline.

You/your organization are the frontline, but your country (Bambi means Lebanon, not Iran) DOES NOT want to be a frontline for any foreign entity anymore!! ENOUGH!

Gaza is free if it wants to be an Iranian frontline, but is this the wisest vision for the Palestinian people?

Lebanon has paid a huge price for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/Palestinian cause, for Iran, for Syria, for every single problem in the world… Enough! Indeed, a few years ago, Bambi was chatting with her mom on the phone, she heard gunfire. She asked her mom to be careful. The latter checked her TV, only to learn from the breaking news that a man went on his balcony to fire some bullets for… Chechnya, it turned out. Can you imagine?  

Nasrallah: Lebanese media outlets have distorted and falsified the remarks of Iranian general Hajizadeh.

No clue what you mean. Whatever.

Nasrallah: Since the year 2000, the resistance has been protecting Lebanon against the Israeli enemy through the golden equation.

What do you mean by the “golden equation”? Bambi thinks you mean the trio of the population-the army-and the resistance or something both stupid and dangerous like that. In reality, this means the Iranianization of Lebanon ☹.

Nasrallah: I ask the Lebanese people who supported Lebanon in liberating its land? Who stood by the Lebanese and protected and defended them? Who supplied them with arms to achieve the 2000 liberation?

No comment.

Nasrallah: Iran did not abandon Lebanon and Syria despite its war with Iraq.

Wow. How noble of the Iranian regime. Amazing.

Nasrallah: In Lebanon, we are concerned with thanking and appreciating the person who stood by us ever since the Israeli invasion.

Please Mr. Nasrallah, give us a break…. He stood up by your side because you are his proxy or you are him or his country before being a honourable citizen of your own. As a reminder, it is the war among Iran (always by proxy, it is their specialty), the USA, Israel, and your Hezbollah that destroyed Lebanon in 2006 and killed so many innocent people.  

Nasrallah: We should honor these martyrs and offer respect and gratitude to them.

OK. We hear you.

Nasrallah: We are loyal to our martyrs and greats. There is a duty to be loyal towards these great two leaders.

Correction here: You are Lebanese. Why is your loyalty to Iranian “martyrs” and “greats”? Why not be loyal to your own country, for a change? Whilst at it, can you also perhaps offer your condolences and loyalty to your own people (some toddlers) who died during the Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020, who are struggling to feed their families, or to find medication to ease their ailments?

Nasrallah: I offer condolences to the family of the martyr Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian leadership and the family of the martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

OK. No problem with offering condolences. Their families will appreciate it. May everyone rest in peace in life, including them. The problem is when we keep seeing their ugly pictures everywhere in Beirut and when Lebanon pays the price of their murder. Lebanon does not care, Mr. Nasrallah. Lebanon must honour its own generals, not foreign ones (in this case, Iranian ones). So why don’t you stop imposing their huge pictures to your fellow LEBANESE citizens?

Screenshot, article by Naharnet

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