Why the prayer in politics? And why the stupidity in the prayer?

Americans are going nuts, regardless of the outcomes of today or these elections or the next ones.

Perhaps their craziness is still larger than ours here in Canada… Thankfully to us, we may wish to candidly think. However, let’s not fool ourselves. We are following them slowly but surely… Soon the pace will increase, Bambi is afraid.

Why is Bambi saying so? Take a look at this video below. This is a Minster (= Reverend = Priest) who is an American politician too. He does not know the meaning of the word “Amen” :).

Should we laugh or cry to this level of stupidity, with all due respect to this politician and religious man (with whom Bambi shares the Christian faith, in addition to being a female deer). She also shares his humanity, yet she finds him ridiculous.

To sound “woke” (or a good disciple of the the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity doctrine… or whatever they call it), he is adding after the word “Amen“, the terms ” A-woman” :). No, this is not a joke! If you do not believe Bambi, watch the video below.

By the way, this politician is a Democrat (if Bambi understands well).

Democrats seem to be “infested” by a movement of silly ideologies. Same for perhaps some of the Republicans who want to also virtue signal silliness in public, who knows?

If some of the Republicans have been hardcore religious folks, well now they have a new competitor to their traditional religiosity: The woke movement. It is a form of secular religiosity. In Bambi’s mind, it can be as if not more dangerous than the traditional religiosity (which pushed to extreme levels can oppress and even kill… ironically in the name of God).

OK, this being said, let’s come back to grammar now. Ask anyone from the Middle East, Jewish or Christian or Muslim, Druze, Bahai or an Atheist, he will tell you that Amen means “Be it or it is so” or “truly” (first used in Hebrew and also in Aramaic/Syriac, and Greek). It is simply an agreement with God’s truth (it can have a sense of “Hopefully” in common Arabic or to express strong agreement with what was said, at least as used in Lebanon). Likely the exact same in English or French prayers, etc.

This politician, whomever he is, is a supposedly Christian religious man. How can he be so ignorant of not just grammar, but also his own ideology (or faith)?

Please, politicians and intellectuals of the USA (and of the world), give us a break from stupidity for at least a day… at least on this Epiphany day (or Christmas Day for Armenian Orthodox Christians).

Regardless of whomever is going to lead your country, affecting Bambi’s Canada… and especially tiny birth country!), please think before endorsing silly ideologies. Do it, even and especially if your intentions are meant to be noble.

To conclude this post, why are we praying at a political meeting? Does that make any sense? Why don’t those who wish to pray discretely do it in their hearts?

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