Why is a UK teacher union so infested with identity politics?

Isn’t it sad to see the level of collective stupidity in today’s Western societies?

In the UK, “a teacher with a Mediterranean and Jewish heritage is left bewildered as his trade union insists he is black – despite him telling them he is not”:


Should we laugh or cry to such stories?

What difference does it make his ethnolinguistic background or where his ancestors were born?

He is an employee. His union is supposed to be defending the collective rights of workers. Period.

All the other ideologies infesting this union are a mere stupidity.

The problem with stupidity is that it can become a dangerous game.

Ask the Lebanese people who went through a civil war, partly because of such stupidities. They may have stories to share, but will anyone listen?

One thought on “Why is a UK teacher union so infested with identity politics?”

  1. Obviously, a solution will have to be found for these types of problems, in our brave new woke world.

    Looking back through history, we can see that a similarly race-obsessed régime found a solution: Apartheid South Africa’s Race Reclassification Board:


    Fortunately, their policies, procedures and practices are well-documented, and would avoid having to reinvent the wheel!

    Considering that they went out of business only as late as 1991, there might still be some retired specialists available as consultants to help set things up. I’m sure that they’d look forward to sharing their substantial expertise with things like the “pencil test”.

    It’ll also be a job creator: think of all the legal expertise that will develop in doing “reclassification” cases!

    I’ll set up the Journal of Race Reclassification, for academic discussions of the subject matter. That’ll provide much employment in academia, as well, I’m sure.

    Perhaps the pronoun crowd will now also specify their race in their email signatures? Actually, come to think of it, some of them do that already!

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