Why is the CBC promoting racism whilst pretending the reverse?

In an article by the CBC entitled “Québec artists band together to confront systemic racism through music”, we get to read a rather silly article trying to create another (false) narrative about systemic racism of Québec.

The article focuses on so-called black Québeckers (who by the way are simply Québeckers or neo-Québeckers like everyone else, including Bambi and many of her loved ones).

As shown below, the music and the video promote the agenda of radical movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM). The production shows pictures that make reference, using people with a black skin, to the OKA crisis (of 1990) and the Canadian Armed Forces (without its intervention, God knows what bloodshed would have occurred then). Some even wave the Mohawks flag. Others pray in the Muslim way. The underlying message being on how Québec oppresses these people.

Why those stupid yet racist clichés and slogans?

Why the disrespect of Indigenous, Muslim, cultural minorities, an entire province-nation, and even country (i.e., Armed Forces)?


And those artists want to convince us that their untalented music is meant to be anti-racist, as if music can and should be anti-racist.

Music is all about assembling people through a moment of fun or beautifully expressed emotions.

Music is by its essence full of humanity, and thus beyond borders.

Why does it need to pretend to be anti-racist when, in reality, it is itself racist?

Shame on the CBC for both its disrespect and hate of Québec, using the own taxes paid by Québeckers and other Canadians.

Québec is not the United States.

Québec is not the rest of Canada.

Québec is simply Québec.

Far from being perfect (thank Goodness as perfection does not exist), it is surely one of the most welcoming places in the entire world!


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