Whilst the “US Senate is pointing at Hezbollah being behind the Beirut port explosion”, the Lebanese Presidency is tweeting about an annual prize to commemorate the victims of this surrealistic blast

First, here is an article by 961 from which we learn that “The United States Senate passed a resolution that highlights Hezbollah’s responsibility in the tragic Beirut Port explosion that left more than 200 dead, thousands more injured, and billions in damages.”

Is Hezbollah responsible?

And if so, what about the criminal negligence of ALL those Lebanese politicians who knew about the ammonium nitrate at the port since 2013 and remained silent.

Why is the US Senate now passing this resolution, and not earlier?

Do they have access to new information we do not have?

Or is it related to all the military tension in the region?

Second, here is a tweet by Lebanese-Canadian journalist Roula Douglas informing us that the Lebanese Caretaker Minister of Information, Ms. Manal Abdel Samad, is suggesting the creation of an annual prize to honour the victims of the Beirut port blast.

Pathetic, to say the least… Thank you, Ms. Douglas, for your straightforward comment: “We need a conviction first. We need the truth. We need to see those responsible behind bars. It was a crime. Not a natural catastrophe”.

On which planet does the Lebanese political elite live?!

If the Lebanese politicians’ memory is too short, here is song for them by Algerian singer/musician Cheb Khaled that he kindly released to pay tribute to Beirut in the weeks following this disaster. It is entitled “Elle S’appelle Beyrouth” (= Her Name Is Beirut). He dedicated the revenue of his music to the Lebanese Red Cross. Bambi had the chance to thank him in a earlier post (below).

May 2021 bring better days for Beirut… and for all our planet!

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