France 24, The Interview: “Former top Lebanese finance official: ‘We are becoming the Somalia of a few years ago'”

Alain Bifani resigned suddenly at the end of June from his position as director general of Lebanon’s finance ministry, a post he had held for 20 years. The former top official had supported an IMF-backed recovery plan for the heavily indebted country, but this was blocked by the political elite. Speaking to FRANCE 24, Bifani says the plan was about “having those who benefited most from the system contribute most”. He says its failure will lead to more “huge inequalities” and warns that Lebanon is “going towards some kind of a Somalia [of] a few years ago”.”

Thanks to both Mr. Mark Perelman and Mr. Alain Bifani for this informative interview.

Could and when will Lebanon be saved from itself?

From where to start to fix a country’s corrupt systems?

How could we protect the Lebanese people from their own politicians?!

As Mr. Bifani said as an answer to a question, corruption at the high top levels of governance is not just a Lebanese problem. Indeed, this problem spills beyond its borders, affecting the rest of the world.

For Bambi, it is deeply disturbing to see a beautiful country like Lebanon with resourceful citizens (i.e., resilient, entrepreneurs/risk-takers in business/life, creative, productive, and open to the world) in such a BAD shape.

This being said, it is also refreshing to listen to a former politician (whom Bambi is seeing for the first time) being that transparent in an interview.

Best wishes to Lebanon in re-inventing its economy whilst embracing the MUCH needed financial reforms.

May Lebanon also know how to commit to love and peace in the world over criminality and stupid self-destruction!

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