Mr. Trump may have a narcissistic personality, but this does not mean he is an idiot when it comes to Iran

According to the Financial Times,“Iran nuclear deal signatories push for US return once Biden takes office. Europeans commit to revival of accord as first priority ahead of any talks on expanding it”.

Despite any good intentions of Mr. Obama’s administration, this nuclear deal was already useless before expanding it. So, imagine how it would look like after. Why? Because Iran has not been respecting it, as simple as that. Perhaps there is a reason why it takes a risk-taker in politics, as crazy as Mr. Trump, to decide to get out of it.

Plus, let’s also recall that two countries of the co-signers of the agreement of Obama-Biden with Iran are China and Russia:

Can someone tell Bambi how we can trust China… or even Russia?

We are talking about the same Russia already heavily involved in the Syrian war, along with Iran, Assad’s regime, and Hezbollah… Yes, this same Russia, even if perhaps it could/would know how to honour a deal once it is signed.

We are talking about that same China and what it is currently doing to Taiwan:

In life, sadly yet realistically, only tough means can stop those who do not care about others’ safety and well-being.

Iran is determined to have its nuclear weapons, and nothing will stop it.

In an ideal romanticized world, Bambi would have preferred not to see any country having nuclear weapons (i.e., including Israel, of course). It would be fair to all. However, this is not how our world works to cite our own Mr. Trudeau in a virtual address to the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2020 and with two Russian pranksters (for the record, see further below).

So, what is the solution then? Or is there any?

Whatever will happen, Bambi fears that it is Lebanon that would be paying the price… once again!


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