After having received their Canada immigration visa two days ago, Mr. Joseph Bejjani’s family is in shock: He was assassinated with a silent pistol by two gunmen who confiscated his phone… His 3-year-old daughter was the first to arrive to the crime scene!

Where is Lebanon heading?

Will the officials identify those behind this crime?

The Mayor of the village of this family and his fellow citizens are demanding answers within 24-48 hours. Will anyone listen to them?

Or will this case be closed like the Beirut port surrealistic deadly explosion and many other possibly related recent murders?

Mr. Bejanni is not a politician. He was loved by everyone, it seems.

According to the MTV News channel (first link below) that interviewed his wife, he was employed by a local telecommunication company.  However, the latter position was not a sensitive one (i.e., he was an artistic trainer). He also worked as a freelance journalist.  One of his clients was the Lebanese Army Forces (i.e., he was a certified photographer for their private parties).

Still according to MTV, some local media stated that he may have collaborated with French an American investigators of the port explosion. However, his family reported when he asked for a permission to take pictures after the explosion, his request was denied by the officials.

Last Saturday, he visited a village with someone who is currently being or will be investigated. If Bambi understood well and recalls the geography of Lebanon, this village would be located near the South border. One hypothesis is that he may have taken pictures with his phone and this may explain why his cell phone was taken away by the two gunmen (after killing him).

What sensitive pictures did he have? Was he killed because of that?

According to the MTV, his phone is still functional up to now… and his daughter is still asking about him. Her mom said that she thinks he will come back from the hospital. Mind you, he was on his way to take her and her younger sister to school and to the daycare when the tragedy happened. Instead of a ride to school, she got to see her dad in their car agonizing in front of her young eyes.

Bambi’s heart goes to this girl and to her family. She cannot even dare to imagine the pain of her mother. How sad that they could have been travelling in early 2021 altogether to start a new life in their new home, Canada. Instead, they are coping with the unimaginable. May they find the inner strength to face this tragedy and may he rest in peace…

A couple of other Lebanese families are also grieving. The crimes have been suspected to be related to the Beirut port explosion, yet no serious investigations have been conducted.  

Who is supposed to usually protect citizens if it is not their own official authorities?

Until when the mafia-militia forces ruling Lebanon will keep getting away with crimes without any accountability?!


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