Are UN tribunals jokes?

Bambi read today that the UN international court sentenced the killer of Lebanon’s Hariri to life in prison. As a reminder, this explosion of February 14, 2005 killed not only the PM, but also MANY Beirutis. Lebanon has contributed half of the funding for this Special Tribunal. How is that fair to the Lebanese taxpayers?

Of course, there is also the question of whether that scapegoat killer will be handed over by the Hezbollah, but this not the focus of this post.

This post is about the lucidity of Lebanese citizens… and their sarcasm.

Bambi read in Naharnet readers’ comment section the following exchange:

One individual wrote: Only one guy carried out this entire assassination? Why not sentence the head of snake?”

A woman replied: “Actually, it was a snake with two heads: Assad and Nasrallah”.

In this short exchange, you have the whole truth… If you do not believe Bambi, you can re-read this 2010 CBC article to refresh your memory:

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