Beirut blast: Ms. Sarah El-Yafi’s “Plea for Justice”

Bambi would like to thank her friend Leila for sharing this thoughtful short video of Ms. El-Yafi on the Beirut explosion in which she shared her thoughts, along with a couple of moving stories.

Bambi recalls having listened to Ms. El Yafi in an interview with European media immediately following the explosion. What an articulate and clever Lebanese political adviser who holds a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She speaks fluent Arabic, French, and English.

According to Ms. El-Yafi’s own words (+ tears…), “… Justice is the cornerstone of healthy nation-building. We will strategically pursue it, and we will achieve it. Onwards”.

Before sharing this video with you, Bambi cannot help not to wonder about the following (after watching the video, she is even more puzzled…!).

What happened in Beirut on August 4th, 2020?

Was the port blast (or blasts?) due to criminal negligence only?

Or was it criminal?

Or both?!

Who is behind this tragedy?

Did Israel attack by airplane or was it a coincidence that airplanes may have been flying over Beirut then (mind you, they regularly fly at low altitude and scare people)?

Did Israel know about the ammonium nitrate? Or just about the other stuff, called weapons, that explodes too?

Did they attack the port (first explosion at least?)? Why and why then?

Did a third unknown party attack?

Did anyone attack?

What is the role of the Hezbollah, which is notoriously known to control this wharf of the port?

Or was Beirut’s surrealistic explosion a stupid accident merely due to the incompetence of the ruling mafia-like elite of tiny bankrupt Lebanon?

Who knows? Perhaps this tragedy was not related to neither Israel nor Hezbollah? Or just to the former, but not the latter? But if that is the case, to cite another good friend of Bambi, why are both Israel and Hezbollah silent about each other (no one is blaming the other)? Since when?!

So many questions and yet no answer is possible without an international investigation…This being said, the tragedy of tiny Lebanon is that it just had the ultimate evidence that UN tribunals can be jokes (as per Bambi’s earlier post today on Hariri’s killing). Sadly, the UN seems to be at the mercy of powerful entities (today the latter are perhaps China along with the Islamists of our world).

To conclude this post, sadly, regardless of any justice for the victims of the Beirut explosion, as Bambi’s own mom told her today, “This explosion brought us SO MANY years backward…”.  

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