One month apart, Mr. Saeb Erakat died and Dr. Hanane Achraoui resigned. Will the Palestinian leadership reform or dive into more Islamism?

May Mr. Erakat rest in peace. Bambi was sad to hear about his death a month ago.

She respects these two Palestinian diplomats who devoted their career and life to the Palestinian cause.

Both are highly educated and love their nation. They would have loved to see it sovereign… Perhaps it is not too late for Dr. Achraoui? Is there still hope?

It is Bambi’s hope that, as Dr. Achraoui wrote in her letter of resignation (as per her Twitter account), more youth and women would be involved in politics.

How about elections also?

Of course, according to Bambi, it would be nice to see more secularism in the Palestinian public life (i.e., the Islamism of Hamas) and more independence from Iran’s influence.

As for Israel, is it too complicated to stop colonialization and make Jerusalem shared for both co-existing nations?

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