Jingle Bells… in Aramaic!

There is nothing more moving to Bambi than listening to this “Jingle Bells” in the language of Jesus. She just heard this song on her internet radio, searched it on the net, and found it for you!

Before sharing it, she would like to clarify why it is moving to her. This language is an old Semitic one. It is related to both Hebrew (Jesus being Jewish) and Arabic. Bambi can guess words here and there, but she finds it odd as it sounds like her mother tongue (Arabic)… and yet it is different. It is intriguing to say the least. Plus, the Aramaic language still exists, despite what ISIS did to get rid of people who speak this language in both Syria and Irak. Finally, Jingles Bells is just a fun melody and Bambi adores Christmas…. She is sad to think that some in her birth city are grieving this Holiday Season. However, despite the sorrow, Christmas season will always be Christmas… Christmas is about love and about welcoming a newborn (is there anything more joyful than that in the world?!)! Some of us, including Bambi, call this newborn God. Another personal reason to be joyful despite pandemics and sorrow.

Well, without further due, here is the song that Bambi would like to dedicate to her friend Jane (Happy Birthday!) and… to all her love ones in Canada who are celebrating the start of Hannukah (festival of light) this night and in the next eight ones.

As Mr. Trudeau kindly wrote on his Twitter account today: “Chag Hanukkah Sameach!” Perhaps those kids singing Jingle Bells in the video can guess what the words mean :).

May the light and sound of love always shine!

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