Reuters: “Explainer: Lebanon’s financial meltdown and how it happened” (Mr. Edmund Blair; edited by Mr. Timothy Heritage)

Bambi would like to thank her spouse for sharing this article:

If you have up five minutes to devote to reading this weekend, it is worth it.

What an excellent explanation of Lebanon’s financial crisis… and why some Lebanese citizens are now forced to steal food from supermarkets or medication from pharmacies to feed or heal their families :(. These sad stories have been reported by both the media and by Bambi’s loved ones (different friends or relatives living in different regions of the country).

It is heart-breaking, to say the least.

Lebanon deserves better than this.

The world deserves not to always have to worry about Lebanon.

All countries deserve to live in economic prosperity.

Lebanon’s problem has nothing to do with neither covid-19 (although the pandemic adds to the financial tragedy!) nor climate-change (although Lebanon needs ecological reforms too).

Lebanon’s financial tragedy is all about mismanagement AND corruption, period.

Of course, Lebanon has also another potentially deadly problem called “Hezbollah” (which literally means the “Party of God” as if God needed to be defended) . This pro-Iranian Lebanese party has a militia wing that is larger than tiny Lebanon and its official army (which, by the way, cannot afford to feed its soldiers with meat anymore).

The mafia-like governance co-exists with militia.

One hides behind the other. One justifies the other.

Both are ruining Lebanon.

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