Bill 21: Had Bambi been a Québec resident, this is the day where she would consider voting for sovereignty. For the proud Canadian she is, it means that Mr. Trudeau went too far!

As you can see in the links at the bottom of this post, a lawyer, Mr. Azim Hussain, on the payroll of the federal government, is making connections of Québec’s Bill 21 on secularism of the state with… the Nazis.

Yes, the same Nazis who killed tens of millions of innocent people!

Can you imagine the level of stupidity of our times of collective insanity?

This lawyer then goes on to talk about the reading list of Mr. Legault :). Should we laugh or cry at this Orwellian technique, both absurd and deceptive.

This story is the saga of censorship by the Association of Booksellers of Québec that invited the Québec PM to share his list of books… and then partly censored it because of the pressure of a FEW radical left individuals. This is the level of cowardice in our society… in addition to stupidity. We are talking about business owners supposed to earn a living selling books. They ended up coming to their senses and apologized, but only after Québeckers loudly expressed their disapproval.

Their association preferred ideology to culture and censorship to profit. Should we laugh or cry at this insanity?

Bambi posted about this story last week. Once again, if you do not like a book, do not buy it yourself, but do not be fascist about your own preferences with the rest of us. This applies to all books, any book. This is a principle. This is the least in a democracy. It is called freedom of expression.

This being said, the lawyer in question made a link between this censorship of the PM (and specifically one of the books he presented in his list) and the rise of populism in the world :). What a crazy strategy to the point of making Bambi wonder if she is listening to a serious lawyer in court OR she reading a CBC article by a so-called journalist (oups… so-called “activist” too).

This lawyer wants us to believe that this moderate bill is populism, that populism is worse than elitism, and that the current PM is guilty of having a majority Government.

Mind you, our current federal government is a minority one, but it often acts like the opposite. It is surely doing it right now and this is a disgrace.

Mr. Legault was a successful businessman before becoming a politician. Québeckers learned last week that he also loves to read. Isn’t that fantastic? He is a moderate and surely smart leader. Yes, he did and he will make mistakes (who doesn’t?). At least, he has the humility to admit that and to remain pragmatic and focused.

It must be hard to govern in a pandemic, for sure. It must be even harder to govern in our times of collective insanity!

This is why Bambi saluted his courage in defending freedom of expression in an earlier post (see further below). He did it with elegantly simple words on his Facebook page. She also allowed herself to email his office, as a “québécoise of heart” “to congratulate him for, courageously and simply, defending freedom of expression in our country“. And of course, she did it in the beautiful language of the Belle Province :)!

What he did is what we all should be doing, to use the words of Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté himself, be courageous and say no to the mobs. Bambi will add the following: Today, it seems to be coming from the far left. Tomorrow or yesterday, from the “truly” far right. So left or right (or in any other direction), totalitarianism is unacceptable. Bambi is saying so, because she knows too well what it can do to a society.

Anyhow, the title of Bambi’s current post candidly expresses her thoughts after reading the article in question. She is sad because Canada could be much smarter than that, by simply respecting Québec’s spirit, culture, history, etc. If the federal government (led by our current PM or another PM one of these days) does not want to accept/honour cultural differences whilst respecting the majority in Québec (which would be truly “inclusive and diverse”, to use own governmental buzz words), it is perhaps time to consider reviving the Sovereignty movement.

Talking about the sovereignty movement, there is a political party in Québec that is known to be into this movement. Well, this party has a new dynamic young leader now. Guess what? A Concordia University professor called him Pol Pot, imagine (again who killed so many innocent people!). The politician demanded apologies. The professor was wise enough to do so. End of the story.

To conclude this post, why would a Muslim friend from Nova Scotia quickly express respect of Québec’s choices when Bambi told him about this forthcoming bill (his veiled cousin was considering immigrating to Québec from Lebanon)… AND not our own federal government. Does that make any sense?

Why can’t we accept that Canada is about multiculturalism and Québec chose interculturalism. It is as simple as that, period. Mr. Trudeau called Canada a postnational country. Well, thankfully, Québec still has pride in itself and its heritage. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau can learn something from this patriotism and vision, even if his vision is also valid?

To conclude this post, as a reminder, Bill 21 is just about government workers in position of authority. It is not about anything else. It protects people who have visible religious signs currently in those positions (no one will lose his or her job, thankfully).

Bambi has repeatedly written about Bill 21. We may not like it, but it is Québec’s choice (following 10 years of a public debate on reasonable accommodations). Whether we endorse this bill or not, it is made by Québec and is meant for Québec.

So, please give Québec a break!


In French… from the Journal de Montréal:

In English…Google Translate of the article above:

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