Ms. Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM of Canada, is scarier than the coronavirus!

Ms. Freeland has asked Canadians who have savings (extra unspent money) to give it to the government (see video below, if you do not believe Bambi).

OK, she has a fancy, more politically correct, term to her odd request called “pre-loaded stimulus“ ?.

Are Ms. Freeland and Mr. Trudeau serious in their request?!

Bambi is afraid that Canada is well engaged on the path of Lebanon’s financial tragedy… with high debt and a forthcoming hyperinflation.

Ms. Freeland asked for our ideas. Well, here is a straightforward one for her:

Start taking care of our public debt that you are leaving behind for the next generations of Canadians IMMEDIATELY! This debt was already high, pre-coronavirus pandemic. It is higher now for sure.

Thank you.

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