Hezbollah uses the left’s language whilst silencing those accusing it of Beirut port’s blast

First, here are some of the families of the 200 victims and 6000+ injured victims of the Beirut blast.

A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour

They are still waiting for the 4-day-promised investigation 4 months following Beirut port bast.

They are still demanding an international investigation!

Of course, this demand is also Bambi’s wish, hoping for courageous outcomes, unlike the ridiculously shy judgment of the UN’s Special Tribunal for Beirut’s blast of 2005 that Lebanon has partly funded over many years. As a reminder, this explosion assassinated Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Mr. Hariri, and MANY other innocent victims.

Second, here is the ironic part where Hezbollah hides behind “progressive” words such as “right-wing” ? and “to prosecute and pursue all those who practice deception, fraud and false accusations” (this would be the equivalent of “hate speech” in our Western societies in our strange times).

They also add that “they have faith in the judicial authority”. Of course, they do! They massively control it, just like Wharf 12 of the Beirut port where the warehouse exploded.

Do they think that their fellow citizens are stupid?

Or do they think the world is stupid to believe them and bail the Lebanese corrupt government out without any reform.

The truth of the matter is that the Lebanese people (including those from Hezbollah’s own communities who refuse to act like sheep) want to live in a SAFE country without their silly weapons (real ones or… just ammonium nitrate).

They are fed up of their warrior mindset.

This is the truth, Hezbollah. Can you learn to adjust to it?

One thought on “Hezbollah uses the left’s language whilst silencing those accusing it of Beirut port’s blast”

  1. The left should remember that they allied themselves with the Islamists in Iran, during the revolution.

    After, the Islamists “fixed” them rather nicely. I can’t say that I feel sorry for them.

    Enough said.

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