Was there “systemic” cheating in the American elections?

We teach our children not to cheat.

We teach our athletes not to dope, and we punish them if they do so.

We try to lead by example, by always choosing honesty… In both our failures and our successes.

Of course, in politics as in life, there is cheating from time to time.

However, when it may be systemic and likely orchestrated (even by a party we may like and prefer), sorry this is unacceptable!

So, if what Mr. Trump is claiming is true, this is very serious.

It has consequences, not just in America and its beautiful constitution (https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/constitution-transcript), but for democracy around the world, for economy, for common sense… and for security in some hot spots like the Middle East.

Whether we are allergic to Mr. Trump or not, whether we are in love with Mr. Biden or not, we should be concerned.

Not just the Americans, but us here in Canada and around the world.

Bambi is not in love with Mr. Trump’s character, but she respects the 70+ million who voted for him (as well as the voters in the other direction).

Perhaps the choice between both politicians is a choice between two “evils” (if one is smelly like pee, the other would be smellier like feces… sadly, the choice is between the two). She is saying this with all due respect to both men.

However, if systemic cheating has occurred, this would be unacceptable to both democracy and the Republicans (i.e., Mr. Trump).

If no systemic cheating occurred, why aren’t the Democrat members supporting the recounts to prove their numbers?

Bambi is puzzled.

She is even more puzzled, given her earlier post further below.

Could Mr. Trump legal claim be founded in the end?

Of course, the Canadian media is as biased as the American media. They diabolize Mr. Trump so much and do not show us the facts and up to us to make an opinion for ourselves. For example, the CBC article below did not even show us the video of Mr. Trump’s speech. The CBC only told us about that video. Is that normal in journalism? For Bambi, this sounds more like Tehran Times or media by the Syrian regime ?.

She is saying this, and she does not care about neither Mr. Biden nor Mr. Trump. She cares about truth (not the truth of each of one of them, but the Truth with a big T. This means: the facts).


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