“Beirut is my mom”: Thanks to Mr. Jean-Marie Riachi (music, production) & Mr. Ahmad Madi (lyrics)!

Bambi would like to thank her friend Nayla for sharing this song.

Amazing as she listened to that same brand new song perhaps a night or two ago whilst listening to her Radio-Mount Lebanon (from LA) before going to sleep. She found the song moving and even told her spouse about it, repeating the lyrics… or translating them.

Well, here is the song, followed by its moving lyrics, first in Arabic followed by English.

Thanks again Nayla and love to Beirut… from Sackville, NB, Canada!

Lyrics | كلمات

بيروت … إنتِ الغنية المابتموت

صوت الشوارع والبيوت

أجمل صبيّه يا بيروت / يا بيروت

بعمّرها … برجع أنا وأنت  نعمرهابعمّرها …

 ومن إيدُن نحنا منحررها

بيروت إمي

 بيروت بَيِّي بيروت إختي  بيروت خيّي

بيروت ملكي …… ردلّي هيي

إنتِ الفرح وإنتِ الحُب

وهني الوجع وجع هالقلب

رح تتخطي الوضع الصعب … يا بيروت

إنتِ الأمل إنتِ الورد

هني الزعل وهني الحقد

رح شيلك من إيدُن وعد … يا بيروت

بيروت إمي

 بيروت بَيِّي

 بيروت إختي

بيروت خيي

بيروت ملكي ……

 ردّلي هيي..

“Beirut, you are the rich who does not die

You are the sound of streets and homes

You are the song that does not die

The most beautiful lady, O Beirut– O Beirut

I will re-build it, we will re-build it together, I will re-build it

From their hands, we will liberate it

Beirut is my mom

Beirut is my dad

Beirut is my sister, Beirut is my brother

Beirut is mine, give it back to me

You are the joy and you are love

They are the pain, the pain of my heart

We will overcome the difficult situation … O Beirut

You are the hope, you are the rose

They are the sadness and they are hatred

We will take you off their hands it is a promise… O Beirut

Beirut is my mom

Beirut is my dad

Beirut is my sister

Beirut is my brother

Beirut is mine…

Give it back to me…”

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