Bravo to Mr. Legault for being one of our rare politicians to defend freedom of expression

How sad and ironic that, in our collective insane times, contemporary radical activists are behaving like the authoritarian Catholic church in Québec’s history (before its“silent revolution”):

It is refreshing to read Mr. Legault’s words on his FB page (shown below). Here is a quick translation for you:

We will be frank with each other: The decision of the Association of Québec Booksellers to withdraw my reading suggestions did not make any common sense. One cannot accept that a handful of radical activists trample our freedom of expression to defend their dictates. It is going way too far.

I am reassured to see that the Association finally backed down.

I was of course angry when I heard the news yesterday.

But I was also sad. I am a big lover of reading. I take great pleasure in reading every evening before sleeping. And I make it a point to share my passion.

The beauty of books is that there is room for all voices. Reading transports us to points of view that are sometimes far from our own, but which always enrich us.

But we must not miss the target either.

We have to denounce censorship.

One must never let our guard down on our freedom of expression.

However, we should not penalize our independent booksellers who have nothing to do with this story. It is hard enough for them these days.

So I will repeat the same request that I made to you in the video for booksellers: Go buy a Québec book during the holiday season. We must encourage our authors. This is the best response we can offer to those who want to silence them.

Your prime minister.”

End of Mr. Legault’s quote.

Mind you, Bambi was already planning to purchase Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté’s most recent book (the target of this absurd censorship). She just did not have the time to do it yet. Well, this will be her Christmas gift to herself ?:

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