Isn’t it sad, when in the name of anti-racism, instead of celebrating our culture(s), “the New Brunswick Multicultural Council” starts referring to us “black” and “white New Brunswickers”?

The New Brunswick Multicultural Association, a highly respectable para-governmental organization is launching a survey on racism. Mind you, it is advertised in the propaganda section of the CBC that is called “Being black in Canada“:

The survey is open to all and it asks us about the new buzz word of the century, “systemic racism“… of course, racism against the fancy umbrella term of BIPOC only 🙂 (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour).

It is as if racism cannot exist between these holy sub-groups or from these toward others or others among each other.

Anyhow, at least the survey has a room for some qualitative input, hoping all input will matter.

What bothers Bambi is not the survey as it is usually good to have surveys and, especially public debates. The question that begs itself is how will they (or our governments?) use the data generated by the survey?

More alarmingly, what puzzles Bambi is that usually science is supposed to be for the sake of science only or with a vision of scientific advancement and cultural progress. Sadly in Canada, science is becoming increasingly at the service of ideologies… and then we wonder why our latest and biggest scientific discovery remains insulin (which is huge for humanity, including Bambi’s own mom’s life, thank you Drs. Frederick Banting and Charles Best!). We are not even capable of producing vaccine for the coronavirus! Russia is now ahead of us. China too.

To come back to the topic of this post, we learn from the above article that the Policy Development Coordinator with the anti-racism project by this organization is Mr. Raymond Husoni also “an organizer with Black Lives Matter”, scoring the point about ideologies (Bambi has an earlier post about Mr. Husoni and BLM; see the bottom of this post).

Two questions here: (1) Who is funding such initiatives, especially in pandemic times? Our government? Federal? Or federal via the provincial? Or is it foreign funding (Mr. Soros et al.; and (2) Why does it feel that we have the conclusion of the survey before its data outcomes? This does not sound like a scientific hypothesis to be tested and rejected, if not supported by the data. Bambi hopes she is wrong, but only time will tell.

Mr. Husoni’s own words are as follows: “it’s also important for white New Brunswickers to participate in the surveys to provide what they’ve experienced and learned about racism“. “Have they been bystanders to racist incidents? How did they respond? And what resources can we create to address this issue? Because it really poses a barrier to social and economic prosperity of New Brunswick.

With all due respect to Mr. Husoni and his work, Bambi is afraid such racial ideologies (likely coming from out of the USA) will end up becoming the barriers, instead of bridges, between us New Brunswickers.

Plus, why is he referring to us as “White” & “Black”? Can’t he see that he is insulting both us and himself by reducing us to such limiting superficial characteristics, our skin colour?!

Why is he putting all the so-called “blacks” in the same bag? Why is he doing the same with the so-called “whites”? What is this non-sense? What about our ethno-linguistic major groups in NB (the silent majority/ties): Indigenous, Acadians, and English-New Brunswickers?

How does an imported ideology really fit locally?

This vision is actually contrary to the spirit of this organization that usually celebrates our culture(s) in our NB beautiful regions and communities?

Can we please keep putting the emphasis on what unites us instead of what divides us?

Of course, racism is bad. We need to name it and address it when we see it.

Racists will always exist in a society. In a sense, they have the right to exist (provided no defamation or violence) as much as radicals. It is just unfortunate that the latter are imposing their narrow-minded visions on all of us.

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen’s opinion, “systemic racism” is one of the silliest ideologies of our current insane times.

When will this insanity stop? When will funding of insanity stop?

Can we please preserve our sanity and our beautiful province?

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